Tuesday, August 17, 2010

im baaaack...

hello blog land! i know it has been 8 million years...but what can i say, life is busy and the blogs just werent flowing! i didnt want to put out bad material just to be "out there". so i took a little breakski. but today i wrote an email to my boyfriend that has somehow spread like wildfire...so i thought i should probably share it with all of you...or i should say those of you who havent given up on me bc of my blogging hiatus! anyway, heres the email! happy reading!

email title: the rat

i have nooooooot good news for you: THERE WAS A RAT. in the HOUSE...just kidding..it was in the little pathway outside the back door!!!!!!!!!! it was right by the drain and when i came home i saw it and was horrified. but then i thought it was dead..although thats a lie bc i saw it breathing. so really i thought it was dying...but then leia called me in that moment so i had to get my phone but my hands were full and so i JUMPED over the RAT! and then.......it came aliveeeeee! it stood up and looked at me! IT WAS SICK!! so then i screamed and ran inside and then got leia...who was at the front door...and then she came and looked at it. then i called my mom and dad...obviously. then we decided we had to try to make it leave so we threw water at it. but it was too almost dead. so it just scattered a little and then looked at us. omg justin it was sick. what do we do?? we tracked it for a while..it moved away from the drain, then over by the window (like right next to the house, to the right of the door), which i thought was better bc then at least i wouldnt be afraid to run past it..i dont want to jump over it again! it might come alive again and this time it might be more lively and less friendly and it might bite me and give me a disease. not ok. sooooooo anyway. we saw it this AM and it was still in the same spot and still moving a little but lots of flies were on it and its face looked kinda sick. so anyway then sheila went out to see it (bc we now feel bad for it, yet still are grossed out and want it to leave..but still feel bad and kinda want it to be our friend) anyway, she said it was GONE. i was like WHAT THE?? but then i just saw it in a little patch of grass on the sidewalk...i think its dead now. if i want to get to my car, i have to walk next to it. or actually run. and probably scream! AHH!! what should we do??? its gonna start decomposing and everyone said its really gonna smell...........how do we get it out of here?? what would you do?? eulp.

oh...also there was a cockroach in the kitchen. sheila killed it. then picked it up. i was screaming and breathing into a bag. hahah!

**haha hope you liked it!! a quick update is that the rat died and justins roommate disposed of it...he wont tell me how or where, just that its gone. and really, i guess thats all i need to know :) ill try not to be a stranger!