Wednesday, February 24, 2010


so i was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about dreams. specifically, they were talking about when ppl dream of their girlfriend or boyfriend cheating on them or doing something bad and then they wake up mad at them and have a tough time shaking it. at first i thought that was so silly because..hello..its just a dream! but then i thought about it and realized that sometimes my dreams are so life-like that i seriously have to think whether or not they really happened! (same thing happens to me with movies...sometimes i forget if what i am remembering happened to me or if i saw it in a movie...then when im halfway into a story of "my life" i start to wonder if maybe it was actually a movie im talking about...but once you start, you cant just hope someone doesnt say..wait...i think that was the movie pretty woman....haha what??) anywayyyy..back to the dreams...this actually happened to me yesterday when i had a dream about an old friend and i reuniting. it was a beautiful dream...we havent seen each other in a long time...i saw him, we met, i cried...beautiful...but then...he looked at me...really looked at me...and, youve gotten thick. he said it in the sweetest, most sincere voice and i looked at him sort of confused and hes like..what...its not bad! im like..OMG! you cant say that to someone.......and alarm went off. and i woke up and realized i was like seriously offended. i was like, geez, hes gotten rude. i also wanted to get to the gym! haha! the power of dreams....

Monday, February 22, 2010

shakira is so so cool

i would like to edit the title of this post to shakira is so so spanish. i am noooot a fan of shakira in english! i think her songs are usually really annoying and i just never really liked her. but when i was introduced to her music in spanish, i realized--shes actually really good! my best friend is in argentina and tries to keep me in the know for latino music and she just sent me the shakira song "Lo Hecho Esta Hecho". she told me 2 things: 1. this song is amazing and 2. i want to be shakira....i couldnt have said it better myself! click the music note to see the video! i thiiink i could probably do most of those gonna get to practicing.....:)


have you ever heard a more unappealing name for food than: BEAN CURD?? i mean...that just sounds nasty! i have been a tofu fans for a few years now and whenever i saw "bean curd" on the menu, i was like..umm..i dont thiiink so! then once when i was like, ew sick, bean curd...someone told me that it was just tofu and i was like what the?? why the heck dont they just call it the much more normal, recognizable, and appealing name: tofu?? so strange! i mean, i have a hard enough time convincing people to try tofu as it is...but when you couple it with the name bean curd, its just darn near impossible! haha, i know i sound crazy..but its actually weird the amount of things that go into whether or not we like a food or even try a food! theres the name, appearance, texture, etc. another name example for me is wiener schnitzel.....that name just sounds like a joke! when my sister and i were in austria i thought that wiener schnitzel was a hot dog and when my sister ordered one for like 10 euros, i was like..what the heck!? its a fricken hot dog.....theeeeeen my sister and several austrians laughed like crazy at me! haha whoops! either way, the schnitz=unappealing. lentils are another one...they are so fricken good and super healthy...but they may or may not look like a big grey blob in a generally when i eat them at work, i get some interesting looks :) whatevs!

anyway, i guess the moral of the story is...dont judge a food before you try it?? well, clearly thats not gonna i guess lets just stop calling tofu bean curd and ill be happy :)

happy monday!

MoVie REviEW!

i saw shutter island this weekend and loooooved it!! leo has been my favorite actor since i was a kid and had his pics from tiger beat and teen beat hanging all over my room! him and jtt of course...what the heck happened to him?? oops, sorry for the trip down memory lane......anywayy..shutter island: SO GOOD! i was actually really terrified to see it because i hate scary movies and i was horrified and had nightmares just watching the previews! but really, how can you go wrong with leo decaps as the lead and martin scorsese as director?? so i decided to give it a try and i have to say, it was TOTALLY different than i thought it was going to a good way! everyone i saw it with liked it too! i def give it an A and i totally recommend you see it!