Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the power of the rubber glove

if you do not have a pair of yellow rubber gonna need you to go and get some immediately! they are seriously so amazing! not only are they good for washing that you dont have to burn your hands with the hot water or touch the nasty food thats on the dishes...they make you invincible for any unsavory task. for example, this morning i walked into my bathroom, all sleepy eyed and tired...and as i looked in the mirror to survey the damage (me in the mirror, obvi) to my HORROR, behind me on the wall was a GIANT (ok fine, you caught was really teenager size...not baby, but not big daddy) CENTIPEDE!! and i think we can all agree that centipedes with their millions of legs and their speed are just about the sickest bug to come across. anyway...i thought about what to do and considered my options 1. smash it with a nearby kleenex...nope, too thin and small and too big a chance i might miss or it may dodge me and then a stray leg could touch my hand (again-speed+million legs=not ok) so then i thought 2. i could smash it with a shoe...but then its like, should i use my shoe and risk getting guts on it or worse, leftover legs?? nope. so then i would have to find someone elses shoe to use and then i got to thinking...there just isnt time for this plan because what if i go in search of a shoe and then i come back and its no longer there!!? that would be awful because then chances are it crawled somewhere to hide like maybe in the shower (which i was about to get into) or maybe it would try to crawl onto my toothbrush and then maybe i wouldnt think to check before i brushed and then it may accidentally go into my mouth...and then i eulped and knew i had to move on to plan #3...the rubber glove plan. THIS is the best plan, clearly and the ultimate winner. in a flash i ran for my rubber gloves and put them on for protection, then i got two thick paper towels and ran back to the bathroom and bravely smashed the centipede without even screaming or crying!! heres the thing, with rubber gloves on your hand, you dont have to be scared!! you can touch anything sick or get near things that you are scared of (mainly bugs, but also any dirty clean-up job) without fear because you are protected by the glove!! amazing right?? with those gloves, i become a different invincible person!! if you dont have some, get some...because you dont want to be faced with something sick one morning when you wake up and then have to attack it with unprotected bare hands! believe me, ive been there and its not a pretty picture :)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

keen sense of direction

clearly the title of this blog does not describe i have mentioned before, i have a very poor sense of direction (to say the least). well people, it happened again...i got totally and utterly lost...going HOME!! to be fair, i have only lived here for like a month or so and i have actually been doing a pretty good job of driving places (that i go every week, same route, same time...yes, clearly i have many issues...) without my GPS. this is difficult for me as i have grown accustomed to seeing the ETA of my trips and my speed, etc. but i realize its a little ridic to keep using my GPS every day to get to work...sooo i have decided to try to learn my way without it! as i said, im getting better every week...first, i made it home from school without it! then, i made it to school from work without it! THEN i made it home from my old stomping grounds, to my new digs, which was a fete because my sister was in the car with me and there was added pressure..i even tried to turn on the GPS at one point and she restrained me....and i did it!! welllll i think that may have been the point where i got a little too cocky. because yesterday as i was making that same exact trip (one day later), i was like, ive got this, no problem, did this yesterday! patting myself on the back, congratulating too soon...welllllll then i was driving...and driving...and driving some more. and then i realized...i dont remember it being this fact, nothing about this drive looks at all familiar. did i pass my exit?? nooo, couldnt have! im on top of things! then i thought..oh god, i passed my exit. as i scrambled to get out my GPS i realized that i really had no clue where i was! once the GPS finally acquired satellite...i surveyed the damage. i had driven at least 20-25 mins out of my way. wow. i think thats a record people! back home i always used to end up at the airport...i know, it sounds weird..but the airport was east and i lived west and i just could never get that darn direction straight so i continually went the wrong way (in fact, as i think about it now..i cant be sure that the airport is not actually west and i live east...tough to say..). needless to say, i dont have time to be driving 20 minutes out of my way as my life is insanely busy at the moment. so i guess you can imagine that i was pretty irritated at myself. but then i realized, whats done is done..i just had to turn around and get back on track and being mad just going to make it worse. i thought about the situation and almost had to laugh at myself because my sense of direction just never fails! fricken cocky attitude...i should have just stuck with the GPS....that'll teach me!!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

poker face

no, im not talking about the lady gaga song...i am talking about my very own poker face...or lack there of. apparently i, 1. have a very expressive face and 2. do not have a very good poker face. i always knew that i had an expressive face because everyone always tells me i make bizarre facial expressions and i guess i sort of knew that i didnt have a very effective poker face because whenever i get presents that i dont from my family at christmas for example...i always try to smile and look excited, but they pretty much always know that i hate it. haha sad! (but true) anywaaay...i recently got a couple of reminders about my facial issues in my classes. the first one was just last night. i had a chem lecture and the prof covered a TON of twice the amount he had planned on covering and my head was seriously spinning by the end of it. clearly, i thought these feelings were totally internal and on the outside i looked just as confident as ever...until suddenly the prof stops the lecture...literally mid-sentence...and weirdly seems to be looking directly at ME. i was like, what more dude?? i have already been called on to answer a question in front of the class, you are already like two lectures ahead...what the heck do you want from me?? then he goes, "are you ok? you look like youre in pain." hahah OMG SO INAPPROP!! in front of the WHOLE class...and its like stadium seating and i sit in the EVERYONE turns to look at me and im like, ", im uh..fine." SO AWKWARD!!! exhibit A of my poker face failing me. then about a week or so ago i was in bio lab and the same sort of sitch happened...but this time i was sort of in lala land thinking about all of the stuff that i have to do with so little time to do everything and then the TA stops and looks at me and goes, "you look confused" AGAIN, EVERYONE looks at me and laughs (clearly, because as usual, i am a total spectacle) and im like.." no, i get it." hes all, "you sure??" and im like, omg dude..if i didnt get it, theres no way im saying anything NOW! exhibit B my poker face fails again! looks like i need to either get my emotions in check OR get some control over my face!! in the meantime, i will get in front of a mirror, put on some lady gaga, and practice my po-po-po pooooker faaaaace, pokkkkerrr faaace!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


there is so much hype about emergen-c but since i rarely get sick i have never had the pleasure of trying it....until NOW! last week i suddenly went from not sick to sick in a matter of seconds...which clearly i do not have any time or patience for, so i just kept pretending i wasnt sick (sometimes you can fool it..not kidding people, power of positive thought!!)...but when that failed me (what?? i didnt say it alwayyys works!) i decided to bring in some reinforcements. i went to the store and got some coat throat tea (celestial seasonings), some emergen-c, and some oranges and i went nuts. i had those things every day and literally less than a week later...IM BETTER!! and that is with the stress of two tests, no sleep, and a crazed im gonna go ahead and say that emergen-c really works!!! i now swear by it and will be chugging it any time i feel some sickness coming on!! maybe they could pay me to do infomercials for them?? omg i could have a new career on my hands!!

ok back to work...just thought id share and if any of you feel a sickness coming on, seriously start chugging will not be disappointed :) (plus it sort of tastes like tang, which is obviously so good and totally reminds me of after school snacks with my sister!!)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


new obsession: the LARABAR!!!!!

seriously SO amazing!! now that i have night classes and dont eat dinner until i get home somewhere between 9:30 and 10:30...i have had to start planning ahead for snacks and things to tide me over. the blog world seems to be obsessed with bars for this purpose so i went ahead and bought a few different kinds to try (luna, cliff, think thin, kind, etc) they have all been pretty good so far, buuuuuuut the leader of the pack is DEF the LARABAR!! i LOVE that there are seriously only about 3-5 ingredients (mainly fruit and nuts)...all of which i recognize and can pronounce! they are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher...yeeeep they pretty much sound sick, right?? thats what i thought too...then i opened it and saw the delightful nasty brown stiff square...ew, sick again...but i went that far, so had to go all the way and actually eat the sucker! i am proud to say i was wrong! larabars are sooo YUM! dont know how they do it, but they take those like three ingredients and make them into something filling, healthy, and delicious! if you are like me and always running around like a crazy person and constantly not having time to eat...go get yourself some larabars!!! my fav flavs so far are peanut butter cookie and chocolate coconut chew...YUM!


ps any other bar suggestions or fast/healthy snack ideas would be appreciated!!