Thursday, December 17, 2009


DOOOOOOOOOOONE with FINALS! DOOOOOOOONE with my FIRST semester of the SCIENCESSSSSS......done Done DONE! WHEW. i made it!! now im watching my soap and sipping some wine......putting off packing for a little bit longer (obvi).....then HOME tomorrow!!! CANNOT wait!!! i dont start classes again until the END of january!! man im gonna be such a bum for the next month! cant wait to read for FUN, watch TV, drink WINE, see FRIENDS, and COOK!!! ill keep you posted as i re-enter the land of the NORMAL!

happy xmas break :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bad habits

bad habits seem to be forming all around me...whats going on here?? i think the bottom line--im soooooooo ready for CHRISTMAS BREAK!! thats really the only super exciting thing about being back in school....really long christmas vacation! haha sad...but true!! anyway, back to these bad habits...clearly coffee is a problem for me...flavored, unflavored, name it, i love it. you name it, i crave it. you name it, i probably drink it about 10 times per day. seriously, in the last post when i mentioned a coffee IV drip...i was secretly wishing it were true! thats a bad habit that just seems to be growing with this whole school/finals/stress thing ive got goin on! i have also cultivated some compulsions recently. now that we are in the computer age (yes, i realize we are not just NOW in the computer age...but seriously..ive been out of school for only two years and things have like really changed! plus i am not really computer savvy and actually just mentioned to a friend that perhaps i will go back to the typewriter...ahh the simpler times...)...whoa, side tracked, ok so now that we are in the computer age--everything is online...grades, class notes, announcements, etc. this may seem like its a good thing...but really it just breeds obsessive compulsive behavior! each time i take a test i compulsively check the website to see if the scores have been you think id be satisfied with having checked five minutes ago...nope. about to check again. (yes, i seriously did just check in the middle of writing this post...probably will again before the post is sent!). i have also been a little obsessive with sparkling water....i never even used to drink sparkling water and now i seriously cannot study without it. i only have one can left and its gone through my head several times tonight that i will be without sparkling water tomorrow and really need to do something about such a weirdo.

hmm perhaps i will try to break some of the bad habits that have formed this semester over break....although i guess upon further thought, these arent really new bad habits at all..they have just manifested themselves in different ways...clearly i have always been a little OCD doing things like checking my alarm clock 800 times before i go to bed or clearly locking my car door, walking away, then convincing myself i forgot, and turning back just to make sure...even though i know i locked it. you know i locked it. i always lock it! and the coffee obsession is obvi nothing just rears its ugly head when im lacking sleep or just looking for some comfort in a cup :) what??

two finals down. two to go. as you probably can tell...i may or may not be cracking up....


Monday, December 14, 2009


who knew so soon after graduating undergrad that i would be in FINALS WEEK again. so so sick. it sucks just as much now as it did in sucks a little more now :) im getting too old for all-nighters........which is totally inappropriate bc they are so necessary and totally crazy bc i used to be the one to be going strong with only 4 hours of sleep for a week straight. i am no longer a soldier people...whats happened to me?? am i old?! so weird! anywayyyyyyy...finals have begun and i am a sight to make-up, hair undone, yoga pants 24/7 (fine, i do that outside of finals week too), and an IV drip of coffee! gotta love it :) i think im going a little insane too! first thing this morning my friend called and i had barely said two words and she goes...umm..are you ok?? you sound crazy. i was like..ah geez, thats never a good sign! then just now i almost slipped on a rug at my house and i started imagining what would have happened had i actually slipped and cracked my head open on the granite counter top and had to be rushed to the hospital........and for a second juuuust a second...the thought sounded kiiind of appealing...because my next thought was...well, at least i wouldnt have to take this final! yeeeep THATS A PROBLEM!! ahhhhh!

ok ok, dont get all worried...i wont have any "slips" or anything! just do me a little favor and think good thoughts and WISH ME LUCK!!!!!

see you after the insanity ends.......xoxox!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a second time for everything??

omg so i guess i jinxed myself or something with the last post...bc it appears my luck with the cops has DEFINITELY run out!! i was on my way home from the gym yesterday...all worked out, had a pretty good day, feeling good about things..until i get a call from my mom. usually thats a good thing, a little catch-up sesh, a little goss...but noooooot when her tone sounded like it did...four words you really never want to hear at the start of a convo: we need to talk. uh ohhhhh instantly a million things come into your mind! i was like, oh god..what happened?? heres the convo that ensued:

mom: you know red light cameras?
me: yes, obvi...oh no..
mom: have you heard of speeding cameras??
me: oh god
mom: yeahhh....i got a little letter today from the police saying I was speeding in YOUR city two weeks ago...
me: oh god...(nervous laughter) fast...
mom: not appropriate honey...first you get pulled over for a wrong turn, then you get pulled over for another wrong turn and get a TICKET, and now a speeding ticket?? 46 in a 35 is NOT ok dear! you need to pull it together!
me: mom! you dont understand!! eeeeeveryone speeds here..its like, you cant go the right speed limit or you are a hazard! people will pass you and basically have to speed!
mom: it comes with a picture hun...and you are literally the only car on the road....
me: oh. (more nervous laughter) uhh...well i must have been speeding to get to class!! thats it...i was toootally late for class!
mom: its time and date stamped dear....SATURDAY at 1pm.
me: (geez, cant a girl catch a break! every possible excuse shot down! throw me a fricken bone here!) oh man...umm...uhh...maybe i was on my way to study??
mom: nick, stop speeding. stop getting in trouble with the police. just be good, please.

whooooooooops! sorry mom! haha...

have a good day all....and if you happen to be a cop reading this..please leave me alone!

PS sooo not a fan of the cameras everywhere...i seriously feel like im in the book 1984! gosh, i cant speed, i cant run red lights...whats next?? hahah..seriously though..hate them, totally not fair!