Friday, January 30, 2009

sometimes you just get the urge!

so i have this problem at work...sometimes i get strange urges. the other day was one of those times. i was organizing some papers for a project we are working on and i came across one that was doubled up. (background...we work with a bunch of different documents, each identified with a number--each person has a number..get it??) i came across one document that i had two of for the same number. i picked it up. i looked at it a little puzzled...and then i just suddenly ripped it up into a million pieces and threw it in the garbage before i even knew what i was doing. then right after that, i found another one that had been doubled and i was like, oh crap, not another one...evidence...theres no turning back i ripped that one up too and threw it away. then i just sat there...breathing hard, paper cuts all over my body like that movie with reese witherspoon...then i thought...oh. my. god. what in the hell was that?!? its like, something came over me that i couldnt control. there was no need to rip up the documents like a wild animal. all i had to do was set them aside and put a post-it on them (something i am obsessed with btw) for further investigation. i could have figured out WHY there were two! there must have been some reason!? dear god, im crazy! i really hope we didnt need those!! this could get awkward...i need to learn to manage my urges!!

im kind of weird

i did something kind of weird last night. it involved online shopping...yahh..its a dangerous thing. well, at least for most normal people. it usually means you splurged on an expensive pair of shoes or a purse or some weird work-out video that you saw on an infomercial (no? just me?)...well not me, because im kind of weird. i was just heading to bed at about midnight and i reached over to put on some chapstick and my tube was so empty that it was literally scratching my lips up as i tried desperately to rehydrate them. clearly not something you want in a chapstick! but its my last tube of my absolute favorite chapstick that they dont sell anymore...natural ice (my fav is natural ice cherry but thats long gone) needless to say, i am willing to have a bloody lip so i can keep using it as long as possible. but then i got to thinking (haha I sound like an infomercial now!)...maybe they do still sell this "online world" that my friend keeps trying to tell me about. soo i hopped up and turned on my computer...AND THEY DO!!! i swear, there is nothing they dont have online (yah, not much into sadly, im just realizing this!) so anyway, i had me a little online shopping spree at at midnight on a thursday!! how many people can say that?? i bought 9 tubes of my favorite chapstick and a tube of toothpaste...what? the chapsticks looked lonely!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

people like to talk to me...

hello all! well, this is my first blog ever! so here goes nothing! basically, my idea behind the blog is to just write about all the weird things that happen in my life! here is a perfect example: today i was on the metro, minding my own business...when a couple and their toddler sit down across from me (i was sitting by an old man). obviously, if you know me, i love i was amused by the cute little baby...he was asian and had HUGE cheeks and HUGE dimples (something i have always wanted and dont have!)...anyway, i start chatting with the mom (yah, ok..i talk too much) and i mention that i work at a hospital with kids and then somehow...she starts talking to me about breastfeeding...and how he used to be small...and how he wouldnt latch onto the she had to use this special nipple sipper...she is now shouting to me in a jam-packed metro about boobs and latching on and im thinking..i dont even know you lady! then i realized that this is not uncommon. when people find out i work in a hospital, they feel they can tell me anything. one time a man at meditation told me this intense sad story about his daughter, then told me that it all happened because they got food poisoning...then told me every detail of how that affected his body (ten minute story of his de-a-rees, ok). then he went onto tell me how it affected everyone else's bodies. it was not pretty. people tell me about their gases, their divorces, their aches and pains...pretty much anything you can think of! and the thing is, i may work in a hospital...but im not YOUR doctor, im not even A really its just weird!