Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the big lebowski

when asked recently if i had ever seen the big lebowski i responded, "nah, i dont really like baseball movies". when i received a blank stare and saw that the person was clearly waiting for some sort of punch line..i knew i had made a mistake. whoops! well, i am proud to say that i have finally cleared it up..i am now aware that the big lebowski is actually about bowling, not baseball...which thank god, because im just really not into baseball movies :) anyway, i saw it last night for the first time and really liked it!! i was a little worried going into it because i had heard from a few people that it def would not be my thing...but i must say, i was pleasantly surprised! it was really funny!! SO if you are like me and were somehow sleeping through the big lebowski phenom...i would suggest seeing it!

enjoy the rainy day...and if its not raining where you are, dont tell me because it will just make me angry.

Friday, May 14, 2010

playing mom

ive spent a lot of time playing mom in my young life so far. from babysitting to nannying to taking kids for a week or more at a time and being a full-time "mommy"...i really think ive seen it all! ive potty-trained, transitioned to spoon-feeding, taken kids off the pacifier, transitioned from the crib, first words, breast-fed...wait...too far. ANYWAY, for the past week and a half, ive been doing the mommy thing. ive been doing overnights with a family that i work for on the weekends because one of the parents is out of town. basically, my job is to do the whole bedtime routine at night and then the morning routine and off to school in the morning. i have to admit even though its a lot of work, i really do like it and i get a lot of warm fuzzies along the way. because if you think about it, those are the best times with kids...when they are all post-bath clean and sleepy and you get good night snuggles and kisses. and then when they are all post-dream groggy and you get their first morning hugs and smiles. its before the whining and the crying and the nose-running begins! haha seriously though, its when they are the cutest :) BUT ive learned over time...and this week did not disappoint...even in those sweet times...its not all adorable! women seriously lose ALL sense of privacy when they have kids. ive been walked in on in the bathroom more times than i can count. ive had my food and drinks taken over by wandering hands. my clothes spilled on. phone conversations interrupted. kids are crazy man! over the past two days..ive really felt the mommy! yesterday i was woken out of sleep to a little one crawling into my bed with me.....i sleep in a twin bed at their house...so lets just say, things are tight. it was pretty cute at first though, i must say...so i didnt protest. i just scootched over...or was actually shoved over by lots of elbows and feet. seriously in our hour or so sleeping together that morning, i got an elbow to the ear, a hand in my eye, feet and knees to my legs, and i was literally smashed up against the wall. so. cute. haha! seriously though--how and why do people sleep with their kids?? its awful! then this morning i woke up and hopped in the shower. my bedroom door was closed as was my bathroom door (which is inside the bedroom). so you think with a two door buffer id be safe from intruders...but no. as i turned off the shower and flung back the curtain i noticed that the bathroom door was open and there was a little blonde with two big blue eyes staring directly at me from my bed. AH! NO PRIVACY! not even with two closed doors was i safe from the little babies. i flung the shower curtain closed and grabbed my towel, quickly dried off and hopped out of the shower. i was greeted with a sleepy smile and a "did i surprise you??" she clearly thought nothing of it! haha, gotta love kids!

oh well..the i love yous, the snuggles, and the smiles make it all worth it!!

happy weekend!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

men are from mars, women are from venus

a truer statement was never said than men are from mars and women are from venus. there is just a distinct difference between men and women that is so great that it really cannot be denied. there is fundamental disconnect between the two sexes and its really a wonder i am irritated each and every time it comes up (no matter how hard i try). an example of this happened to me tonight. i had a nice little night planned out. my boyfriend and i were cooking dinner together (which means i cooked and he watched)! we made a vegan pasta that was AMAZING...second time making it..i must post the recipe bc it was seriously so good (and super easy). anyway...as we were finishing up the meal and chatting...i scraped some remaining avocado (the star ingredient) and a tiny noodle onto my knife and then onto my fork and into my mouth. thats when it happened. the fundamental disconnect. as i put the fork in my mouth he goes..."did you get it all?" now, i knew he was kidding and i tried to ignore it and not be bothered. i tried to move on and casually keep talking. but then he goes, "are you sure you got it all? do you want some more??" as steam streamed steadily from my ears (if any women out there do not understand why i was not happy with these comments...we need to talk.)...i again tried to ignore his comment and take the literal meaning...after all, i know he doesnt mean it, i know he isnt intentionally calling me fat...so i go, "nope, im good." and i keep going with the previous conversation. but he again...determined to make me understand his joke, that he for some reason thinks im missing, not choosing to ignore...goes, "you know, because you were scraping every tiny bit onto your fork..." im like..."YEP. got it. thanks! i mean...what is that kind of comment supposed to do?? other than to make me feel bad!? or to make me feel fat!?" then i got up and took my plate to the kitchen. i left him sitting at the table totally confused and totally bewildered...wondering why in the world i was upset. hahah! TOTAL DISCONNECT. he immediately lept to his feet uttering apologies...clearly totally surprised that my feelings were somehow hurt by what he said. i tried to explain to him why that comment hurt my feelings...even though i dont think im fat and i dont think he was really calling me fat or a pig or that he cares how much im eating...BUT regardless of any of that...it still hurt my feelings and made me feel sad. he had two things to say: 1. im so so sorry, i didnt mean it and 2. i dont understand women. hahah with the sincere look of regret in his eyes, i had to laugh and just have to say again: men are from mars and women are from venus. done and done. i dont think we will ever fully understand each other...

good night!


ive said it once and ill say it again..i have a starbucks problem. i dont deny it. am i ashamed of it?? of course. do i wish it were different? not really. haha! anyway, today i hit a new low...i emailed starbucks to inform them that the free drink i am owed has not yet arrived in the mail. wow. but seriously...i want my free drink. i earned it. how, you might ask...wellll let me tell you! i have a starbucks GOLD card..very elite, i know youre jealous...anyway, every 15 stars (you get a star for each drink purchased) you get a free drink. clearly that takes no time at all, especially after my starbucks birthday madness...so i looked online the other day and saw that i was close to a free drink. BUT thats the second time ive seen that...so i was like, what the heck..wheres my free drink. i always find it embarrassing to ask for free things or to complain when you have not received a free thing...so i have been putting it off. but yesterday when i stopped to get a mid-afternoon latte..i thought: no more! im asking! so i asked the lady and she said that i will receive a free drink coupon in the mail. wellllllll i have received no such coupon. so after some investigative work on my starbucks account page i saw that i got a free drink coupon issued to me on april 11th and to allow 2-3 weeks for it to arrive...well today is may 11th and i have NO CARD! what the?? so what did i do?? emailed starbucks, of course...god, i was actually slightly embarrassed (in front of only myself) writing the email demanding to know where my free drink was! haha what the heck is my problem?? whatever...i want the free drink im owed for being the most loyal starbucks customer ever! haha! ill keep ya posted on what happens.......OR ill come to my senses and take a step and calm it down with my starbucks obsession...

PS as i was looking for a picture to accompany this post, i came upon
this article, which shows me that there are people out there who are crazier than i am...if you do read the article, while i understand where they are coming from, i dont necessarily agree bc i get free soy now, which is about what i saved when using the old card...so im still ok with the change haha just in case you wanted to know :)