Tuesday, August 17, 2010

im baaaack...

hello blog land! i know it has been 8 million years...but what can i say, life is busy and the blogs just werent flowing! i didnt want to put out bad material just to be "out there". so i took a little breakski. but today i wrote an email to my boyfriend that has somehow spread like wildfire...so i thought i should probably share it with all of you...or i should say those of you who havent given up on me bc of my blogging hiatus! anyway, heres the email! happy reading!

email title: the rat

i have nooooooot good news for you: THERE WAS A RAT. in the HOUSE...just kidding..it was in the little pathway outside the back door!!!!!!!!!! it was right by the drain and when i came home i saw it and was horrified. but then i thought it was dead..although thats a lie bc i saw it breathing. so really i thought it was dying...but then leia called me in that moment so i had to get my phone but my hands were full and so i JUMPED over the RAT! and then.......it came aliveeeeee! it stood up and looked at me! IT WAS SICK!! so then i screamed and ran inside and then got leia...who was at the front door...and then she came and looked at it. then i called my mom and dad...obviously. then we decided we had to try to make it leave so we threw water at it. but it was too almost dead. so it just scattered a little and then looked at us. omg justin it was sick. what do we do?? we tracked it for a while..it moved away from the drain, then over by the window (like right next to the house, to the right of the door), which i thought was better bc then at least i wouldnt be afraid to run past it..i dont want to jump over it again! it might come alive again and this time it might be more lively and less friendly and it might bite me and give me a disease. not ok. sooooooo anyway. we saw it this AM and it was still in the same spot and still moving a little but lots of flies were on it and its face looked kinda sick. so anyway then sheila went out to see it (bc we now feel bad for it, yet still are grossed out and want it to leave..but still feel bad and kinda want it to be our friend) anyway, she said it was GONE. i was like WHAT THE?? but then i just saw it in a little patch of grass on the sidewalk...i think its dead now. if i want to get to my car, i have to walk next to it. or actually run. and probably scream! AHH!! what should we do??? its gonna start decomposing and everyone said its really gonna smell...........how do we get it out of here?? what would you do?? eulp.

oh...also there was a cockroach in the kitchen. sheila killed it. then picked it up. i was screaming and breathing into a bag. hahah!

**haha hope you liked it!! a quick update is that the rat died and justins roommate disposed of it...he wont tell me how or where, just that its gone. and really, i guess thats all i need to know :) ill try not to be a stranger!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the big lebowski

when asked recently if i had ever seen the big lebowski i responded, "nah, i dont really like baseball movies". when i received a blank stare and saw that the person was clearly waiting for some sort of punch line..i knew i had made a mistake. whoops! well, i am proud to say that i have finally cleared it up..i am now aware that the big lebowski is actually about bowling, not baseball...which thank god, because im just really not into baseball movies :) anyway, i saw it last night for the first time and really liked it!! i was a little worried going into it because i had heard from a few people that it def would not be my thing...but i must say, i was pleasantly surprised! it was really funny!! SO if you are like me and were somehow sleeping through the big lebowski phenom...i would suggest seeing it!

enjoy the rainy day...and if its not raining where you are, dont tell me because it will just make me angry.

Friday, May 14, 2010

playing mom

ive spent a lot of time playing mom in my young life so far. from babysitting to nannying to taking kids for a week or more at a time and being a full-time "mommy"...i really think ive seen it all! ive potty-trained, transitioned to spoon-feeding, taken kids off the pacifier, transitioned from the crib, first words, breast-fed...wait...too far. ANYWAY, for the past week and a half, ive been doing the mommy thing. ive been doing overnights with a family that i work for on the weekends because one of the parents is out of town. basically, my job is to do the whole bedtime routine at night and then the morning routine and off to school in the morning. i have to admit even though its a lot of work, i really do like it and i get a lot of warm fuzzies along the way. because if you think about it, those are the best times with kids...when they are all post-bath clean and sleepy and you get good night snuggles and kisses. and then when they are all post-dream groggy and you get their first morning hugs and smiles. its before the whining and the crying and the nose-running begins! haha seriously though, its when they are the cutest :) BUT ive learned over time...and this week did not disappoint...even in those sweet times...its not all adorable! women seriously lose ALL sense of privacy when they have kids. ive been walked in on in the bathroom more times than i can count. ive had my food and drinks taken over by wandering hands. my clothes spilled on. phone conversations interrupted. kids are crazy man! over the past two days..ive really felt the mommy! yesterday i was woken out of sleep to a little one crawling into my bed with me.....i sleep in a twin bed at their house...so lets just say, things are tight. it was pretty cute at first though, i must say...so i didnt protest. i just scootched over...or was actually shoved over by lots of elbows and feet. seriously in our hour or so sleeping together that morning, i got an elbow to the ear, a hand in my eye, feet and knees to my legs, and i was literally smashed up against the wall. so. cute. haha! seriously though--how and why do people sleep with their kids?? its awful! then this morning i woke up and hopped in the shower. my bedroom door was closed as was my bathroom door (which is inside the bedroom). so you think with a two door buffer id be safe from intruders...but no. as i turned off the shower and flung back the curtain i noticed that the bathroom door was open and there was a little blonde with two big blue eyes staring directly at me from my bed. AH! NO PRIVACY! not even with two closed doors was i safe from the little babies. i flung the shower curtain closed and grabbed my towel, quickly dried off and hopped out of the shower. i was greeted with a sleepy smile and a "did i surprise you??" she clearly thought nothing of it! haha, gotta love kids!

oh well..the i love yous, the snuggles, and the smiles make it all worth it!!

happy weekend!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

men are from mars, women are from venus

a truer statement was never said than men are from mars and women are from venus. there is just a distinct difference between men and women that is so great that it really cannot be denied. there is fundamental disconnect between the two sexes and its really a wonder i am irritated each and every time it comes up (no matter how hard i try). an example of this happened to me tonight. i had a nice little night planned out. my boyfriend and i were cooking dinner together (which means i cooked and he watched)! we made a vegan pasta that was AMAZING...second time making it..i must post the recipe bc it was seriously so good (and super easy). anyway...as we were finishing up the meal and chatting...i scraped some remaining avocado (the star ingredient) and a tiny noodle onto my knife and then onto my fork and into my mouth. thats when it happened. the fundamental disconnect. as i put the fork in my mouth he goes..."did you get it all?" now, i knew he was kidding and i tried to ignore it and not be bothered. i tried to move on and casually keep talking. but then he goes, "are you sure you got it all? do you want some more??" as steam streamed steadily from my ears (if any women out there do not understand why i was not happy with these comments...we need to talk.)...i again tried to ignore his comment and take the literal meaning...after all, i know he doesnt mean it, i know he isnt intentionally calling me fat...so i go, "nope, im good." and i keep going with the previous conversation. but he again...determined to make me understand his joke, that he for some reason thinks im missing, not choosing to ignore...goes, "you know, because you were scraping every tiny bit onto your fork..." im like..."YEP. got it. thanks! i mean...what is that kind of comment supposed to do?? other than to make me feel bad!? or to make me feel fat!?" then i got up and took my plate to the kitchen. i left him sitting at the table totally confused and totally bewildered...wondering why in the world i was upset. hahah! TOTAL DISCONNECT. he immediately lept to his feet uttering apologies...clearly totally surprised that my feelings were somehow hurt by what he said. i tried to explain to him why that comment hurt my feelings...even though i dont think im fat and i dont think he was really calling me fat or a pig or that he cares how much im eating...BUT regardless of any of that...it still hurt my feelings and made me feel sad. he had two things to say: 1. im so so sorry, i didnt mean it and 2. i dont understand women. hahah with the sincere look of regret in his eyes, i had to laugh and just have to say again: men are from mars and women are from venus. done and done. i dont think we will ever fully understand each other...

good night!


ive said it once and ill say it again..i have a starbucks problem. i dont deny it. am i ashamed of it?? of course. do i wish it were different? not really. haha! anyway, today i hit a new low...i emailed starbucks to inform them that the free drink i am owed has not yet arrived in the mail. wow. but seriously...i want my free drink. i earned it. how, you might ask...wellll let me tell you! i have a starbucks GOLD card..very elite, i know youre jealous...anyway, every 15 stars (you get a star for each drink purchased) you get a free drink. clearly that takes no time at all, especially after my starbucks birthday madness...so i looked online the other day and saw that i was close to a free drink. BUT thats the second time ive seen that...so i was like, what the heck..wheres my free drink. i always find it embarrassing to ask for free things or to complain when you have not received a free thing...so i have been putting it off. but yesterday when i stopped to get a mid-afternoon latte..i thought: no more! im asking! so i asked the lady and she said that i will receive a free drink coupon in the mail. wellllllll i have received no such coupon. so after some investigative work on my starbucks account page i saw that i got a free drink coupon issued to me on april 11th and to allow 2-3 weeks for it to arrive...well today is may 11th and i have NO CARD! what the?? so what did i do?? emailed starbucks, of course...god, i was actually slightly embarrassed (in front of only myself) writing the email demanding to know where my free drink was! haha what the heck is my problem?? whatever...i want the free drink im owed for being the most loyal starbucks customer ever! haha! ill keep ya posted on what happens.......OR ill come to my senses and take a step and calm it down with my starbucks obsession...

PS as i was looking for a picture to accompany this post, i came upon
this article, which shows me that there are people out there who are crazier than i am...if you do read the article, while i understand where they are coming from, i dont necessarily agree bc i get free soy now, which is about what i saved when using the old card...so im still ok with the change haha just in case you wanted to know :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

i have a problem

i dont know if its because i move around a lot or because i am getting premature alzheimers, but i seem to be having a litttttle problem remembering my zip code. yes im serious and no im not five years old. seriously though, if it happened just once or maybe twice at the most, i probably wouldnt think anything of it. but this has happened one too many times recently! i know it seems weird to even think about your zip code...but there are certain stressful situations where it comes up and i will inevitably give the totally wrong zip code each and every time. its a serious issue and im starting to worry just the slightest bit :) btw this does not include writing a letter or writing my address on some form or something...that, thank goodness, i can still do. its other more speedy, more urgent situations with which i have difficulty. for example, when you are at a store (ie nordstrom --happened just last week) and you are checking out and they suddenly ask you for your zip...putting you on the spot..the whole line waiting behind you...you start to sweat and panic...start mumbling some random numbers that you seriously believe to be your zip only to realize you are giving a totally incorrect number but unable to correct yourself because what kind of a weirdo doesnt know their zip code and all the while wondering if there is any way they could find out that you are mumbling a false code and call you out on it right then and there. WHEW. im getting stressed just thinking about it. there have literally been several times over the past year that i have given completely wrong zip codes and have had secret feelings of panic each time ive been asked at a register. the other place where i often get my zip code incorrect is at the gas station. i know this sounds strange, but where i live there are certain areas that ask for your zip code when you put in your credit card to make sure you didnt steal the card or something..your zip has to match what the bank has on record for you or you are unable to use your card. with that kind of pressure, i almost always put in the wrong zip. the frustration and embarrassment (in front of only yourself--thats the worst kind) that follows is pretty intense. i have actually had to leave a gas station and go to one nearby that doesnt ask for it...how awkward. i have also had to go inside to talk to the register person explaining my situation with my head held in shame. anyway, to be honest, i am a bit concerned about my zip code recall problem. it is true that i move around a lot...buuuuut i have lived at my current location for almost a year...and i did the gas station one today and had to use my moms credit card instead bc my card was then denied with the wrong zip entered...so it was embarrassing on many levels--not only was my card denied, but then i had to tell my mom of my little issue. yikes.

any thoughts?? am i losing my mind? do i just have a horrible memory for numbers?? is it just one of my many weird problems? ahh...the next time you are asked for your zip code, think of me and wish me luck on my next stressful zip code situation.....


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


over the weekend i went on a little mini vacay to virginia. along the way we stayed at 2 bed and breakfasts! they are SO nice SO cute and SOO fun! why would anyone stay in a big impersonal hotel over a lovely b&b?? they are priced similarly in many cases and they have so much more character! we stayed in two that were very different, but both equally cute. the first was in Charlottesville and was more of a modern-style b&b! when we walked in, the lady gave us our keys, offered us a bev, and showed us around...there was a really cute screened-in porch stocked with little snacks, water, and tea, they had a happy hour each day with wine and cheese, and (this is why i say modern) a giant flat-screened tv and dvd player in each room! hah! so funny..but really nice to snuggle up with a movie and some wine in an adorable room after a long day of sightseeing! the next one we stayed at was a more traditional b&b! it was located in Harpers Ferry and was much smaller and much more quaint. there were no tvs here! when you walked in it smelled like baking and sure enough in the cozy living room there were fresh baked cookies, tea, drinks, and chocolate! so cute! it was also stocked with tons of board games! so here, we cuddled up with a game of scrabble and wine (obvi) and stayed up late fighting over which words were legit and which were made-up (willy is a word..right?? like willy-nilly...right??). anyway...the best part of both places: the breakfast! how much fun is it to wake up to the smells and sounds of cooking in the morning??! and then to walk downstairs to a beautifully set table and get served fresh home-made treats! it was so nice! im telling you...b&bs are the way to go!! they really made our trip!!

ah well...back to reality!


Roly Bags

what the heck is it with all the roly bags?? kids cant carry their backpacks anymore?? people cant carry a briefcase?? we are seriously getting more and more lazy! i mean, i get a rolling suitcase that weighs 50+ pounds...clearly we dont want to be lugging those all around...but a backpack?? hello...its called a backpack for a reason! whats next?? purses that roll? wallets?? i dont like the way this is going. you better believe my kids will be carrying their backpack and i will be carrying my purse and/or briefcase in hand until im old and grey!

yep, thats it :) have a good one!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

dry mouth

hello all! sorry ive been MIA.......oh yah and a quick update: I DID NOT EAT THE JAMON!!! those spaniards tried to make me eat it a few times...and to be honest, it was a little tempting...but i resisted the urge and stayed away from that big old leg of meat! hah! ALSO in other news...when i came home from spain, i became a VEGAN! its been two weeks and i feel great..ill keep ya posted on how that goes!

OK now for the real post...dry mouth. this morning i went to a weekly presentation that we have at our work...once a week someone from the department gets up and does a little lesson on whatever it is thats going on in their specialty...either an update on some topic, some research, or a case that they are working on...anyway...sometimes they are really interesting talks and sometimes i nearly fall asleep! today was a pretty interesting one and the guy was a really good speaker. the audience was actively listening and people seemed to really be enjoying it. i was too, that is until i noticed the speakers severe case of: DRY MOUTH. like, he really really needed a drink of water...bad. i mean, i know we've all been there. you are getting up to give some presentation or to have a serious talk with someone and you find yourself getting a little nervous...palms start sweating...hearts racing...mouth starts to get a little dry. but before you know it, youre starting and theres nothing you can do about it. try as you might to lick your lips...swallow...clear your throat...everyone can hear it in the microphone as you try in vein to wet your mouth and your mouth just keeps making that weird noise that it makes when its really dry. you just keep talking, pretending like everythings fine, that you are not cursing yourself out for forgetting your water bottle. and the more you try to lick your lips or swallow or pry your lips from the top of your teeth where they are now stuck just to wrap your lips around your bone dry teeth...the more dry your mouth seems to get. you know what i mean, right?? this guys dry mouth was seriously making me uncomfortable and making me want some water! i really wanted to help him out with a drink or toss him up a mint! haha! but sadly i just had to sit and watch him suffer. the good news was that once people started participating a little more..i think his nerves calmed a little and he was able, once again, to make saliva....things looked up from there. moral of the story...in stressful situations, dont forget your water bottle.

happy spring!

Friday, March 12, 2010

SPAIN here i comeeeee!

today i am off for SPAIN for a little vacay!! clearly if you read this blog or if you know me, you know that i am completely obsessed with spain and lived there two years ago (omg sad) for a year teaching english! so needless to say.....IM SO EXCITED!! HOWEVER, there is a little bit of betting going on regarding my trip that i want to share with you all. the big issue: JAMON! jamon is spanish ham and it comes on a big pigs leg that is either hanging in bars, on ppls kitchen counters, or in my suitcase..wait..anyway i was a littttttttle obsessed with it when i lived there and may or may not have craved it A LOT when i get back. if you dont know what jamon is or have forgotten how delicious and appetizing it looks...click HERE for a little refresher. :) yum...right?? haha i know, it looks sick...but trust me, so good. ANYWAY...i have been a vegetarian (still eat fish for those of you who are picky about titles) for about a year now so clearly there has been no jamon or any other meat for me for a while now. but i also havent been back to spain since the end of my meat eating days.......sooooooo some of my friends and my whole entire family think i will crack as soon as i smell the sweet aroma of the delectable ham or see the large inviting pigs leg or just due to the fact that its in almost everything there and i wont be able to resist and i will give up on my vegetarian ways and take a leg to the face. eulp. BUT they are obvi wrong...that is def not gonna happen....is it....im so over it....arent i....AHH! this will be a true test of wills ppl. WISH ME LUCK! i will let you know how i fare :)

see ya after spain!!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

how low can you go?

have you all heard the new ludacris song how low can you go? ive gotta say, ive never been a big ludacris fan...but i do like this song. i just have one question--why must we go so low? why must we go lower than we know and lower than our mom has ever seen befo? hahah i just dont get it! i even called my mom to ask her opinion....i dont think she was amused. then i called my friend and asked her all about going low and why she thinks we have to go so low. i finally asked her to ask her boyfriend for me and let me know what he says. she was actually less amused than my mom. so, i decided to take it to the blog. what is the appeal of going so low?? i mean..its uncomfortable for all parties...girls trying to get so low and keep their jeans up or their skirts down and i mean, once youre down there..how do you get back up?? its not hot to like fall over or to grunt as you try to get up from going so low...right?! even ludacris says "baby pull your pants up", so see..he even knows! and really its not great for the guy either because they normally cant go as low as the girl...so they are awkwardly dancing with the air as the girl is on the floor going lower than she knows. its too low. thats all there is to it.

any thoughts??


ps love this song though...if you dont know it, def check it out! and the video..totally ridic! haha crazy ludacris.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

love hate relationship

nature is a funny thing. i am def NOT a nature girl--anyone who knows me, knows that. but i must say, sometimes i do get a kick out it! i was just sitting on my bed getting ready to leave the house and i noticed two squirrels chasing each other in the yard. haha i know this happens all the time, but i dont really nature watch too often. anyway, for some reason, i watched them for a little and it really made me smile. it was so cute! i have also been known to like ants. yes, its weird, but ever since this psychology of natural science class i took in college, i have weirdly liked ants and bees. they are both really smart and really funny to watch....yep..im a freak.....haha! seriously though--ants are REALLY hard workers and super smart! they are team players too...so cute! haha im not kidding, stop and watch a group of them sometime!! and bees, well, i know a lot of ppl are scared of them...but they are also really hard working and super smart too! really interesting to watch them work!

such a freak. what can i say..i dont really want to go camping or go walking in the woods...or long-ish grass for that matter...but show me some ants hard at work and im a happy camper! hha!

have a good day and enjoy some nature for me!


Friday, March 5, 2010

NYC--part 1

i went to nyc this past weekend for my birthday and to visit my sister and one of my best friends! we had SUUCH a fun time! the more i go to new york, the more i like it......maybe ill end up there one day?? who knows!? nyc is a pretty funny place though but i guess, like most places, you take the good with the bad. for example--the good: all the food! anything you want, you can get and at any time of day or night. i love that. its also very walkable and there is a ton of stuff to do and see-never boring! overall, really fun city. buuuut it does have its downsides as well. for example--taking the bus into chinatown--rookie mistake. now, i have gone to nyc by bus many times over the past few years, but normally my sister books my ticket for me--what?? im helpless! well this particular trip she was really busy and couldnt do it, so i decided to tackle the seemingly easy task on my own. i decided after looking at all the normal, sensible bus options to book the sketchball chinatown bus. not only does it drop you in the middle of nyc chinatown, where i am eternally lost and scared but the bus was dirtier than any other bus i have taken, there were more people fighting, more people drinking, and it stopped in philly for a little 30-45 min rest....what the?? oh, also...the seat next to mine didnt have a head rest, which i guess i can actually consider a good thing bc then no one wanted to sit by me...wait, that was the reason, right?? anywayyy...sorry about that little tangent. thats not really the city's fault, thats just the bus. the rats, on the other hand--thats all city. and the man i saw pooping onto the sidewalk near penn station--that too, i will give to the city. i wish i were kidding, but sadly i am not. but to be fair.....ive also seen a man pooping into a plant in dc, so ya know, it could just be a thing ppl do that i was just unaware of! ew. anyway, besides the rats and the weird smells, oh and dont forget about the pooping on the sidewalk, i really like the city and had a really fun trip!! more on that later....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the accidental "i love you"

yeeeep...my life is still awkward and sitcom-esque! i had a little situation tonight with the guy that ive been dating for the past couple months. never, ever triple-task while signing off on the phone with the guy you are newly dating! lesson learned. heres the tale: i was talking online to my BFF and writing an email to another friend while reading her email to me in spanish aaaaand saying goodbye on the phone to the guy. soooooo as i was doing all of these things..i dipped into my arsenal of send-offs and pulled out the first one that came to mind without really thinking....i go, "bye, love u".......................AHHHHHHHHHHH! WHA??? the situation got a litttttle awkward in that moment! the most awkward part is perhaps how much i took it back/made sure he knew that i was not saying what it seemed i was saying....whooooops! anyway...i quickly tried to explain that i was triple-tasking and that its just something i say when signing off with friends--all the while saying whoaaaaa whoa whoa...way too much! i am sure i sounded like a total bumbling freak, back-pedaling and stuttering like a weirdo...yowza! tough moment. he, on the other hand, was LOVING my panic and actually laughing at me!

lesson learned...phone calls with the boy will now get my full attention!

xoxo wish me luck on our next meeting....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


you know you have a problem when you get over $100 in starbucks gift cards for your birthday....hahah awkward! so fun though, right?! 100 bucks in starbucks money......that should last me at least 2 weeks! HAH! what?? i have a problem...

thanks everyone who gave them to me :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


so i was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about dreams. specifically, they were talking about when ppl dream of their girlfriend or boyfriend cheating on them or doing something bad and then they wake up mad at them and have a tough time shaking it. at first i thought that was so silly because..hello..its just a dream! but then i thought about it and realized that sometimes my dreams are so life-like that i seriously have to think whether or not they really happened! (same thing happens to me with movies...sometimes i forget if what i am remembering happened to me or if i saw it in a movie...then when im halfway into a story of "my life" i start to wonder if maybe it was actually a movie im talking about...but once you start, you cant stop..you just hope someone doesnt say..wait...i think that was the movie pretty woman....haha what??) anywayyyy..back to the dreams...this actually happened to me yesterday when i had a dream about an old friend and i reuniting. it was a beautiful dream...we havent seen each other in a long time...i saw him, we met, i cried...beautiful...but then...he looked at me...really looked at me...and goes...aw, youve gotten thick. he said it in the sweetest, most sincere voice and i looked at him sort of confused and hes like..what...its not bad! im like..OMG! you cant say that to someone.......and then.....my alarm went off. and i woke up and realized i was like seriously offended. i was like, geez, hes gotten rude. i also wanted to get to the gym! haha! the power of dreams....

Monday, February 22, 2010

shakira is so so cool

i would like to edit the title of this post to shakira is so so cool...in spanish. i am noooot a fan of shakira in english! i think her songs are usually really annoying and i just never really liked her. but when i was introduced to her music in spanish, i realized--shes actually really good! my best friend is in argentina and tries to keep me in the know for latino music and she just sent me the shakira song "Lo Hecho Esta Hecho". she told me 2 things: 1. this song is amazing and 2. i want to be shakira....i couldnt have said it better myself! click the music note to see the video! i thiiink i could probably do most of those moves...im gonna get to practicing.....:)


have you ever heard a more unappealing name for food than: BEAN CURD?? i mean...that just sounds nasty! i have been a tofu fans for a few years now and whenever i saw "bean curd" on the menu, i was like..umm..i dont thiiink so! then once when i was like, ew sick, bean curd...someone told me that it was just tofu and i was like what the?? why the heck dont they just call it the much more normal, recognizable, and appealing name: tofu?? so strange! i mean, i have a hard enough time convincing people to try tofu as it is...but when you couple it with the name bean curd, its just darn near impossible! haha, i know i sound crazy..but its actually weird the amount of things that go into whether or not we like a food or even try a food! theres the name, appearance, texture, etc. another name example for me is wiener schnitzel.....that name just sounds like a joke! when my sister and i were in austria i thought that wiener schnitzel was a hot dog and when my sister ordered one for like 10 euros, i was like..what the heck!? its a fricken hot dog.....theeeeeen my sister and several austrians laughed like crazy at me! haha whoops! either way, the schnitz=unappealing. lentils are another one...they are so fricken good and super healthy...but they may or may not look like a big grey blob in a bowl....so generally when i eat them at work, i get some interesting looks :) whatevs!

anyway, i guess the moral of the story is...dont judge a food before you try it?? well, clearly thats not gonna happen...so i guess lets just stop calling tofu bean curd and ill be happy :)

happy monday!

MoVie REviEW!

i saw shutter island this weekend and loooooved it!! leo has been my favorite actor since i was a kid and had his pics from tiger beat and teen beat hanging all over my room! him and jtt of course...what the heck happened to him?? oops, sorry for the trip down memory lane......anywayy..shutter island: SO GOOD! i was actually really terrified to see it because i hate scary movies and i was horrified and had nightmares just watching the previews! but really, how can you go wrong with leo decaps as the lead and martin scorsese as director?? so i decided to give it a try and i have to say, it was TOTALLY different than i thought it was going to be...in a good way! everyone i saw it with liked it too! i def give it an A and i totally recommend you see it!


Saturday, January 30, 2010


its weird but the combo of not having a dvr anymore (sad, i know) and the fact that ive become kind of a sports nut has got me watching commercials again! and by watching them i mean becoming obsessed with them :) click the clown to see the best commercial of the year! i seriously cannot even talk about this commerical without cracking up! sadly, it was done by walmart, who i hate, but what can i say, when you get it right, you get it right! ENJOY! (sorry michelle and aly...)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hand washing

i had my first bio class yesterday and i actually think im going to like it! my prof talked about some interesting, real-world things that actually mean something to me! one thing that really stood out was when he started talking about immunizations, germs, how we handle this, etc. he talked about how parents today try to protect their kids from EVERYTHING...not letting them go outside and get dirty, constantly wiping them with wipes or purell, never wanting them to fall down or get a bruise..basically trying to protect them from anything and everything. anyway, he actually said that this is causing more harm than good and that kids today have weaker immune systems with all of this fussing. he actually said that kids should be exposed to many different environments and many different things in their first years of life so that they can build up a good immune system early on (obviously this is within reason...he is not advocating dirty unsanitary kids either).......aaaannyyywayy..the reason for this little rant about germs and health and all is that one thing he said really caught my attention and i was even reminded of it today so i thought i would share! he said that the most important thing we can do to keep from getting sick and germy is to wash our hands. clearly i already knew that part...but then said that just "washing" is not enough--we have to wash correctly. i was like, come on dude i know how to wash my fricken hands, im almost 25 years old!! BUT i think i was wrong!! he said that most adults dont even do it correctly! he also said that in studies they have found ppl are more likely to wash their hands when others are present, but skip it when they are alone. also that the average length of time an adult washes their hands is 3 seconds...what the!?? he said that it has been shown that the proper length of time when washing your hands is singing happy birthday two times through (works in any language apparently). so, as i was washing my hands today this came to mind and so i sang happy birthday twice through in my head to test it out.....WHAT THE HECK!? that is SO long. omg, am i gross?? i dont think i ever wash that long.....i mean..unless im in the shower :) AWKWARD! guess i need to work on that.....how about you??

Monday, January 25, 2010

movie review update!

i saw The Hurt Locker today and it was surprisingly a great movie! it felt like last year when i was so skeptical of gran torino and then loved it. i hadnt even heard of The Hurt Locker until the last award show and then michelle obama said in a magazine that it was one of her favorite movies of the year...so i decided i better give it a try. normally i am not really a war movie type of gal...but i have to say it was so well done. i didnt really recognize any of the actors as big names (but you know im not that good at that!) but i thought they all did great with their parts and really made it seem believable. it was definitely not easy to watch and doesnt make me feel very good about what is going on in iraq or where things might go in the future, but i am really happy i watched it. it also really makes you think about all of the people serving in the military and what they must be going through not only on a daily basis, but for the rest of their lives. so sad and touching and definitely thought-provoking bottom line: a really good movie. i obviously recommend it and give it an A. see it!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

the little tootski

i went to a private yoga class today that my trainer held for a few of his clients. as the title of this post suggests, sometimes ppl allow themselves to become a little too relaxed during their yoga experience. now, i know they say to completely let yourself go...but there are certain unwritten boundaries to that release people! unfortunately, a lady learned that the hard way today in our little yoga class...let me set the stage leading up to the main event: the room was completely silent (no music even)...all of us had our eyes closed...the teacher instructed us to breathe deep...stretch...deep breath...relax...breathe...toooooot...all eyes immediately open looking directly at the woman from which the tootski escaped. she looked over to her daughter with a sheepish smile and said, in a tiny voice, "oops". it was seriously all i could do to maintain composure!! haha i dont know what it is about farts...but i seriously become a child in situations where farts happen in an awkward or unexpected way...lets just face it: farts are funny. haha all i can say is...thank god it wasnt me :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MovIe ReViewS

helloo blog world! my life as a bum is coming to a close...i have a little less than a week left of FUN! i have finally been able to see some movies and decided to do a little movie review! here we gooo:

Its Complicated
soooo cute! saw this on christmas with a mix of moms and friends and the overall consensus was that it was really cute! i wouldnt say oscar worthy, but really funny and really entertaining! def recommend it! grade: A-

im sorry in advance...did NOT like it! i know it got so much hype and will probably win a bunch of awards and oprah loved it and all...but i will have to respectfully disagree. no, i am not heartless...i think its a story that def needs to be told and could be powerful--but i guess i just thought it was going to be better? could be a product of over-hype? dont know...regardless--grade: C

Lovely Bones
a lot of you know that i have been waiting for this for a looongg time! i LOVED this book so i was super excited for the movie! i saw it yesterday with my sister and it did NOT disappoint! i thought it was soo creative and so well cast...i loved it!! i cried the entire way through and had to cover my eyes a few times...but it was totally worth it. SEE IT!! grade: A

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
duhh...i should have never gone into this movie in the first place! totally not my taste...anyone who knows me could have told me not to bother! buuuut i did...it was a date, what can i say?? anyway, needless to say, i was NOT a fan. grade: D

Inglourious Basterds
ok, yes i am aware that this is now an old movie...but i am finally getting around to seeing it as i have heard so many times how great it is and everyone is all shocked when i mention i havent seen it! anyway, i finally saw it last night with my sister and again i say...i should have known! hard as i might try...i just do NOT like quentin tarantino. i know everyone is obsessed and thinks hes a genius...and fine, pulp fiction was really good and kill bill was pretty fricken cool...but even with that said, i would never buy either of these movies or choose to watch them on a friday night. what can i say?? i would much rather see You've Got Mail or Overboard for the millionth time on tv! whatever..you like what you like! anyway, i guess there were some good parts and it was entertaining, i guess...soo ill go with--grade: B-

well, i think thats about it! the next movie on my list is Up In The Air! hopefully i can get it in before classes start!! any other must-sees??


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the disappearing act!

HELLO!! i guess i disappeared for a second there!! sorry (snl voice..if you dont know it...learn it..gilllllly is all the rage in 2010)...anywayy hope everyone had a nice holiday :) i was home for TWO WEEKS and had the best time ever!! i had good food (paired with a lot of wine...clearly), saw famliy and friends, played a million games, got pampered (nails, massage, hair..the works), and had so much fun....and now i am back in the "real world"...in quotes because i am still on winter break for classes...soooo that pretty much means im a total bum and am not at all in the real world! but you should know that really i should be enjoying it and being totally lazy..instead it actually gives me anxiety!! basically all i am doing is working part-time and hanging out.....and let me tell you, as nice as that sounds--i do better when im busy! when my alarm goes off on days when i dont work, i seriously wake up (yes, still set my alarm) and i have like real anxiety. i am always thinking there must be something that needs to be done and thinking of all the things that i could productively be doing. dooooont get me wrong..its not all bad. once i force myself to chill out...i have really been able to relax and enjoy living!! i have lazy mornings with oatmeal and coffee...fine and some real world dc and jersey shore...yes, i know, unacceptable!! i have also reunited with all my friends that i neglected when i fell of the face of the earth into science land over many glasses of wine and lattes. i am definitely living the good life! oh-and on top of that, ive also become a sports nut! seriously, football is taking over my life! i watch all the games--not just my team and not just half way...im like really into it. even when i cant be at home, i listen to them on the radio while driving AND watch highlights later on espn.....WHO AM I!?!? hahah its so weird, right??! hockey and basketball have also made an appearance in my life of late :) hmm what else...OH, i started up with a trainer again! had my first appt yesterday...can hardly walk today. gotta love it! i do have some funny stories about that..but will save that for another blog! anywayyy thats pretty much my life at the moment! its a nice change and im trying to soak up every minute of it before i go back to the life of the insane! hope everyone is having a great 2010 so far......HAPPY NEW YEAR!!