Saturday, January 30, 2010


its weird but the combo of not having a dvr anymore (sad, i know) and the fact that ive become kind of a sports nut has got me watching commercials again! and by watching them i mean becoming obsessed with them :) click the clown to see the best commercial of the year! i seriously cannot even talk about this commerical without cracking up! sadly, it was done by walmart, who i hate, but what can i say, when you get it right, you get it right! ENJOY! (sorry michelle and aly...)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hand washing

i had my first bio class yesterday and i actually think im going to like it! my prof talked about some interesting, real-world things that actually mean something to me! one thing that really stood out was when he started talking about immunizations, germs, how we handle this, etc. he talked about how parents today try to protect their kids from EVERYTHING...not letting them go outside and get dirty, constantly wiping them with wipes or purell, never wanting them to fall down or get a bruise..basically trying to protect them from anything and everything. anyway, he actually said that this is causing more harm than good and that kids today have weaker immune systems with all of this fussing. he actually said that kids should be exposed to many different environments and many different things in their first years of life so that they can build up a good immune system early on (obviously this is within reason...he is not advocating dirty unsanitary kids either).......aaaannyyywayy..the reason for this little rant about germs and health and all is that one thing he said really caught my attention and i was even reminded of it today so i thought i would share! he said that the most important thing we can do to keep from getting sick and germy is to wash our hands. clearly i already knew that part...but then said that just "washing" is not enough--we have to wash correctly. i was like, come on dude i know how to wash my fricken hands, im almost 25 years old!! BUT i think i was wrong!! he said that most adults dont even do it correctly! he also said that in studies they have found ppl are more likely to wash their hands when others are present, but skip it when they are alone. also that the average length of time an adult washes their hands is 3 seconds...what the!?? he said that it has been shown that the proper length of time when washing your hands is singing happy birthday two times through (works in any language apparently). so, as i was washing my hands today this came to mind and so i sang happy birthday twice through in my head to test it out.....WHAT THE HECK!? that is SO long. omg, am i gross?? i dont think i ever wash that long.....i mean..unless im in the shower :) AWKWARD! guess i need to work on about you??

Monday, January 25, 2010

movie review update!

i saw The Hurt Locker today and it was surprisingly a great movie! it felt like last year when i was so skeptical of gran torino and then loved it. i hadnt even heard of The Hurt Locker until the last award show and then michelle obama said in a magazine that it was one of her favorite movies of the i decided i better give it a try. normally i am not really a war movie type of gal...but i have to say it was so well done. i didnt really recognize any of the actors as big names (but you know im not that good at that!) but i thought they all did great with their parts and really made it seem believable. it was definitely not easy to watch and doesnt make me feel very good about what is going on in iraq or where things might go in the future, but i am really happy i watched it. it also really makes you think about all of the people serving in the military and what they must be going through not only on a daily basis, but for the rest of their lives. so sad and touching and definitely thought-provoking bottom line: a really good movie. i obviously recommend it and give it an A. see it!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

the little tootski

i went to a private yoga class today that my trainer held for a few of his clients. as the title of this post suggests, sometimes ppl allow themselves to become a little too relaxed during their yoga experience. now, i know they say to completely let yourself go...but there are certain unwritten boundaries to that release people! unfortunately, a lady learned that the hard way today in our little yoga class...let me set the stage leading up to the main event: the room was completely silent (no music even)...all of us had our eyes closed...the teacher instructed us to breathe deep...stretch...deep breath...relax...breathe...toooooot...all eyes immediately open looking directly at the woman from which the tootski escaped. she looked over to her daughter with a sheepish smile and said, in a tiny voice, "oops". it was seriously all i could do to maintain composure!! haha i dont know what it is about farts...but i seriously become a child in situations where farts happen in an awkward or unexpected way...lets just face it: farts are funny. haha all i can say is...thank god it wasnt me :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MovIe ReViewS

helloo blog world! my life as a bum is coming to a close...i have a little less than a week left of FUN! i have finally been able to see some movies and decided to do a little movie review! here we gooo:

Its Complicated
soooo cute! saw this on christmas with a mix of moms and friends and the overall consensus was that it was really cute! i wouldnt say oscar worthy, but really funny and really entertaining! def recommend it! grade: A-

im sorry in advance...did NOT like it! i know it got so much hype and will probably win a bunch of awards and oprah loved it and all...but i will have to respectfully disagree. no, i am not heartless...i think its a story that def needs to be told and could be powerful--but i guess i just thought it was going to be better? could be a product of over-hype? dont know...regardless--grade: C

Lovely Bones
a lot of you know that i have been waiting for this for a looongg time! i LOVED this book so i was super excited for the movie! i saw it yesterday with my sister and it did NOT disappoint! i thought it was soo creative and so well cast...i loved it!! i cried the entire way through and had to cover my eyes a few times...but it was totally worth it. SEE IT!! grade: A

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
duhh...i should have never gone into this movie in the first place! totally not my taste...anyone who knows me could have told me not to bother! buuuut i was a date, what can i say?? anyway, needless to say, i was NOT a fan. grade: D

Inglourious Basterds
ok, yes i am aware that this is now an old movie...but i am finally getting around to seeing it as i have heard so many times how great it is and everyone is all shocked when i mention i havent seen it! anyway, i finally saw it last night with my sister and again i say...i should have known! hard as i might try...i just do NOT like quentin tarantino. i know everyone is obsessed and thinks hes a genius...and fine, pulp fiction was really good and kill bill was pretty fricken cool...but even with that said, i would never buy either of these movies or choose to watch them on a friday night. what can i say?? i would much rather see You've Got Mail or Overboard for the millionth time on tv! like what you like! anyway, i guess there were some good parts and it was entertaining, i guess...soo ill go with--grade: B-

well, i think thats about it! the next movie on my list is Up In The Air! hopefully i can get it in before classes start!! any other must-sees??


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the disappearing act!

HELLO!! i guess i disappeared for a second there!! sorry (snl voice..if you dont know it...learn it..gilllllly is all the rage in 2010)...anywayy hope everyone had a nice holiday :) i was home for TWO WEEKS and had the best time ever!! i had good food (paired with a lot of wine...clearly), saw famliy and friends, played a million games, got pampered (nails, massage, hair..the works), and had so much fun....and now i am back in the "real world" quotes because i am still on winter break for classes...soooo that pretty much means im a total bum and am not at all in the real world! but you should know that really i should be enjoying it and being totally lazy..instead it actually gives me anxiety!! basically all i am doing is working part-time and hanging out.....and let me tell you, as nice as that sounds--i do better when im busy! when my alarm goes off on days when i dont work, i seriously wake up (yes, still set my alarm) and i have like real anxiety. i am always thinking there must be something that needs to be done and thinking of all the things that i could productively be doing. dooooont get me wrong..its not all bad. once i force myself to chill out...i have really been able to relax and enjoy living!! i have lazy mornings with oatmeal and coffee...fine and some real world dc and jersey shore...yes, i know, unacceptable!! i have also reunited with all my friends that i neglected when i fell of the face of the earth into science land over many glasses of wine and lattes. i am definitely living the good life! oh-and on top of that, ive also become a sports nut! seriously, football is taking over my life! i watch all the games--not just my team and not just half like really into it. even when i cant be at home, i listen to them on the radio while driving AND watch highlights later on espn.....WHO AM I!?!? hahah its so weird, right??! hockey and basketball have also made an appearance in my life of late :) hmm what else...OH, i started up with a trainer again! had my first appt yesterday...can hardly walk today. gotta love it! i do have some funny stories about that..but will save that for another blog! anywayyy thats pretty much my life at the moment! its a nice change and im trying to soak up every minute of it before i go back to the life of the insane! hope everyone is having a great 2010 so far......HAPPY NEW YEAR!!