Wednesday, November 25, 2009

theres a first time for everything...

wellllllll it finally happened...after 5 (maybe 6?) times being pulled over...i FINALLY got a TICKET! AHHHHH!!! was it speeding, you ask?? NOPE! running a red light?? NO AGAIN. a normal reason??? nooope...its me people...nothing normal about it! i got pulled over for.....making a left turn when there was some tiny sign that was barely even legible and totally blocked by trees and there was a bird sitting on it so i couldnt even have seen it if i had wanted to (fine, i actually never saw the sign, so its tough to say...) that apparently said "no left turns between x and x hours". i clearly dont know what those hours are as i never saw this alleged "sign", but apparently we were within those fricken hours! anywayyyy...i made the turn safely (and totally unaware that i was becoming a criminal), kept driving, went past two or three stop lights, pulled into campus (i was on my way to class to take a quiz), went half-way through campus...which is BIG...and THEN i was pulled over. make sense?? NOPE! seriously?? like ten minutes later theeeen he decides to pull me over?? in front of the whole school?? inappropriate. now, normally in these situations, i tend to cry (some call it hysterical...i call it a tear or two) and be all pitiful, usually resulting in an irritated cop, a stern talking to, and a warning. this time...i just couldnt get it together because i was seriously so confused as to why i was being pulled over in the middle of campus. everything happened so fast, i didnt even have time to use my stellar negotiating skills...and my help me out of the situation. he argued with me about me having the proper paperwork and then told me that i was wrong about what state my license plates were state...clearly i he looked at them with his flashlight and confirmed i was right (duh) and then peered into my car..he like thought i was a criminal?! then he barked at me to stay in the car and took literally 20+ minutes to contemplate whether or not to give me a ticket. finally he comes back and goes, heres your NINETY DOLLAR TICKET ma'am...what the?? for making a turn at an incorrect hour?? not ok. i have NO prior offenses...i was being so safe during the turn i was practically a from another state and clearly didnt see the sign...and i was not even crying or being rude or arguing or anything! and he repays me with my first ever ticket?!? SO RUDE! i seriously cannot believe that i have never been pulled over for speeding, but have been pulled over for not having my lights on, going around a bus in the bike lane, and now making an illegal turn. what the heck is with my luck?! oh and at the end of the little ticket-giving ceremony he tried to be all cheery and nice...ummm i dont think so buddy. we are not going to be friends after you just gave me a $90 ticket in the pouring rain (oh, forgot to mention i was in my least favorite of the elements at the time too!) i just rolled up my window and turned on my car as he was saying have a nice night! so rude. still debating whether or not to try my luck in court to get my fine reduced or maybe he wont show up and it will just be dismissed?? ill let you know what i decide.....


Monday, November 16, 2009

*folgers update*

recently a friend commented on my folgers post and asked whether or not i was serious and then reasoned that i must be because folgers tastes like poop. welllllll at first i was quick to defend and said, really its not so bad, blah blah. but i had it again yesterday...and i must admit, i stand corrected. i must have been seriously delusional when i wrote that post because when i drank it yesterday it tasted like chemicals. i was like, ah geez, i mixed chemicals into my coffee instead of milk again.....but i hadnt, it was just the smooth soothing chemical aftertaste of folgers. eulp. clearly i dumped the pot and then the rest of the grounds into the garbage...guess ill just stick to the good stuff...

many of you know that i dont like to be wrong (and im not wrong often ;) ) when i had it yesterday, with my stubborn nature and the endorsing post in my mind, i really did give it a good old college try. i was like, no no, its in my tastes fine. my throat is burning from the chemical taste...toootally fine..drink it down, its good! i finally gave up after half a cup (of gagging) decided to cut my losses and just admit i was wrong. so there you go, are you happy?? dont drink folgers people..its not good.

happy monday!

Friday, November 13, 2009

moldy cheese

i just poured a glass of wine (friday night happy hour..duh) and got out some cheese as a little throw-back to my second favorite country, SPAIN (obvi).....but when i got the cheese out...there was a little...eulp..mold on it. after considering my options, i decided that i would just cut it off and eat it anyway!! that weird?? was it a fat girl moment??! just a moment of weakness? no idea...but i thought that had i heard somewhere that you are supposed to do that when cheese gets moldy, but i def felt a little awkward (slash nauseous) doing it. oh...and i fed the moldy parts to my that bad?? oh crap...this dog better not die on me! oh well, clearly i ate the cheese and it tasted pretty normal, but i still immediately called my mom in a panic to make sure that i wouldnt die! she assured me that its fine to cut off the mold..thats what you are supposed to do?? so weird.......i think im gonna throw the rest away now.....haha!



today i got myself into an awkward little friend at work called me to meet her for lunch and she was a little urgent about it! i was just about to ditch her for lunch because i was so hungry, so i had already warmed up my soap and was about to eat it. so i quickly capped my tupperware, grabbed my wallet, and ran out the door to the elevators. right as i got there everyone was boarding to go up...which was where i needed to go! so lucky, right?? or so i thought...i started walking on the crowded elevator (the last person to get in) and as i did, i noticed my dominican friend and so i was all "holaaaaa" and smiling and all goofy and friendly, of course, and then as i walked on...i ran straight..into....the elevator door (its not like it closed on me, i somehow managed to walk straight into it). as i did this, i bounced off the door and my wallet flew out of my hands and the change part of my wallet opened and change flew all over the place. and my soup container popped open and my scalding hot vegetable soup sprayed over the crowd..ok..the last part didnt happen...but everything else was true! but instead of bending down and picking up my wallet and getting myself together..i just awkwardly stood there with a stunned look on my face staring back at all the ppl staring at me in the elevator. finally, after several seconds, my dominican friend broke the silence and was like..uh...are you ok...and i was like, "omg! NO!" hahah i mean clearly not...i just beasted the elevator door!! haha then this girl bends down to start picking up my change and i just awkwardly kept staring and then i was like, omg..thanks! and then i realized as she was picking up my change that she was actually robbing me..haha kidding, that didnt happen either...really she was just blocking the door from closing because she was picking up my change for then everyone in the elevator turned on me and spit on me as i knelt at their feet, fine, that didnt happen either...but they werent happy! anywayyyyy why must i always be such a crazy spectacle?!

haha oh well! have a good weekend :)

Friday, November 6, 2009


current song obsessions:

**fireflies-owl city (who is NOT the person from postal service or death cab for cutie, even though he sounds identical...totally amazing and sweet though regardless of the fact that he sounds exactly like someone hes not)

**party in the USA-miley cyrus (who i hate that i like but cant help but like her dang songs! so fricken catchy! awkward...)

**forever-drake feat. lil wayne, kanye, and eminem (ive always been obsessed with hes clearly my favorite part, but im liking lil wayne lately too, even though he has an old man face on a teen weird..)

have you ever seen such a random mix of fav songs?! total opposites!! hah but im totes obsessed with all if you are either a slow sweet music fan, teen pop fan, or rap fan..i have the perfect amazing song just for you! haha! if anyone has any song recommendations or current obsessions...let me know!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the best part of wakin upppp.... folgers in your cuuuuuuup! yes yes we have all heard the song a gazillion times, but THIS morning...i actually sang it! haha for some reason when our coffee ran out this weekend, the next person to buy thought it was a good idea to get folgers. i said, eulp no thanks and went and bought something else. total coffee snob, right?? but this morning i decided to give it a try and as i poured it and the steam rose into the air and i breathed in the intoxicating aroma of the delicious coffee goodness...i couldnt help myself...and just i had to sing it! i felt like i was in a commercial...the beeeeest part of wakin uppppppp is folgers in your cuuuuuuup! i think i may have judged folgers too harshly, 1. i am pleasantly surprised by the flavor/taste of the coff and 2. it gets extra points because my normal coffee brands do not inspire me into any morning song and dance. so i am gonna have to give some props to folgers!

have a good daaaaaaay! xoxo