Thursday, April 30, 2009

darn these flies!

i swear to god, the basement where i work (yes, i work in a basement and do not see the light of day..sad, right??) is getting infested with flies. i saw one two days ago, saw the same one yesterday along with his little friend, then today i think ive seen THREE! its like im dodging flies at every turn. when i was walking to the fridge to get my lunch, one flew right into my eye!! appetizing, huh?? siiiiiick...oh, i forgot to mention these are GIANT monster flies, not like little tiny house flies. whats going on here?? is there a garbage heap in my room that i am unaware of? did i not shower off enough at the gym?? i feel like pig-pen from peanuts for goodness sake! everywhere i go theres a trail of flies! my friend told me to gain some control and kill the fly that chose my office...but the thing with these giant flies is, they are just too plumpy. i cant kill it because it might...spray...eulp...gross.

so i have no choice but to cohabitate with the little guy. oh least its not a giant spider or my mouse friend again! happy thursday everyone :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

metro tales

old man is sitting next to girl in her twenties.

old man: what stop are we at? (not only do they announce it, he just has to look out the window, but ok, im not judging)
girl: smiles. politely says name of stop
old man: how did you decide on that color? (an obnoxious bright blue polish on her toenails that i, of course, had already noticed)
girl: chuckles. i thought it was funny. chuckles more.

she thought it was funny?? thats seriously why she picked her toenail color?!

too weird.

oh my god!

omg EW. today i woke up at 6am, got dressed, and ran out the door for a little early morning gym sesh. when i got on the bus it looked a little overcast, but i thought..hmm..maybe because its still so early and the sun isnt out yet. surely the sun will burn off those clouds and we will have yet another 90+ degree sunny day! well i got out of the gym about an hour later and to my was raining. sick, right?? yah, it gets i am...dressed in a thin summer dress, bare legs, NO UMBRELLA. yep, pretty much my worst nightmare! but i really had no other choice but to brave it and forge forward (unless i wanted to stay in the gym all day...which to be perfectly honest, i did consider as the first drops touched my hair! ew omg, just had a flashback) yes, I walked IN THE RAIN all morning with NO umbrella! and let me tell you: it. was. awful. you cannot believe how sorry i felt for myself! i even tried to perk myself up with a latte...nooope...caught a glimpse of myself in a window and was like...eulp. i finally got to work all damp and sick looking and now i seriously need to hide out in my office all day! noooot ok. mister sun better get his act together before i have to leave work!! case you are wondering...the pic is EXACTLY what i looked like this morning!! i could be this mans twin :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

tough to say

tough to say how this day is going to shake out. it appears it could go either way...take a look:

1. i slept past my alarm
2. still caught my bus and made it to work EARLY!
3. i tripped on the way to really tripped and almost dropped my coffee while leaping through the air...aaand there were many onlookers...yaaah...embarrassing...
4. but then i found 20 bucks on the ground!

im going to cross my fingers that things keep getting better.....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the pedicure

i just had a friend in town for the weekend and we had so much fun! we went to a baseball game (where we watched maaaaaybe one play of the entire game), we had a cute little late-night get together (where we watched three dogs have a playdate...if you know me, you know this is not ok), we got the best mojitos and nachos in town (even though we were awkwardly opened the place being the first ones there and then demanded mojitos even when we were denied), and last but certainly not least...we got pedicures! my friend had never had a pedicure before, so we thought it would be a fun relaxing thing to do on a rainy day! once we finally got to the place and were sufficiently soaking wet and cold...the best thought ever was a nice soothing pedicure...which, for me, it was! but for my friend...well..she had a little bit different experience! she failed to mention two things to me: 1. she does not like when people touch her feet and 2. she had some sort of toenail accident in the past where they had to remove the toenail and the new one grew back a tiny bit thicker than the average nail and recently she had another little visitor growing on her nail that she liked to call, her 11th toenail (tmi?! hah). weeeellll i wasnt aware of those details at the time, so i thought our pedicure plan was a great idea! anyway, so we get there and pick our colors, go over to the chairs, and take our seats. as we are putting our feet in, both pedicurists ask us if the water is ok. as soon as my feet touch the water i know that it is not ok. i feel my face turn red and steam blow out of my ears...the water was SOO hot!!! but i looked over at my friend...the pedicure novice...and she seemed i sucked it up and said (with a strained voice from the pain), yep, the waters fiiine! meanwhile i think my skin was melting...anyway, so then they get started. ive got the massage chair going and im chattering away to my friend...who appeared to be having as nice a time as i was. so im cleaned, trimmed, massaged, and polished...and then its time for my i hop off and head to the manicure station leaving my friend behind. as an aside, i did think it was a little strange that we started at the same time but she was so far behind me the entire time..i just thought..she must be getting the royal treatment!! when she is fiiinallly done with her pedicure, she joins me at the mani table to wait for me (she only got a pedi) and i was like...SO!! WHAT DID YOU THINK?!?! FIRST TIME!! WOOP WOOP!! and she looks at me and was...goood...but..the thing is, i forgot i dont really like when people touch my feet. and i was like..hmm..ok..minor detail..ok, well beside'd it go!?! and she goes..well..i also didnt tell you about my 11th toenail. and i go..what the? haha! she then proceeds to tell me the horrors of her pedicure......first: the water was so hot she thinks she may or may not have second degree burns, but didnt say anything because the lady didnt really speak english and because i seemed fine with the water temp, second: the lady started with her toe that had the little toenail impostor (aka 11th tn) and she basically took one look at it and went to town. she went to work cutting and filing and pulling and filing some more...and in the end the 11th tn was no more and my friend was a. close to vomming or passing out? b. in a lot of pain? or c. bleeding?...yep, you guessed it..all of the above! ahh!! HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THIS?!?! she said that she was bleeding like a lot. so much that the lady had to walk away at one point to get some gauze and then was pressing on it and putting some solution on it to try to stop the bleeding......awkward!! wow, for someone who thinks they are pretty good at paying not. haha! so i was no help at all..i just kept chattering away and being all relaxed and goofy while she was like sitting in the torture chair with white knuckles and a bleeding toe! hahah! whoooooops! in the end, it all worked out. my friend is back down to ten toenails..which is definitely a positive and her nails look great! and, of course, MY nails look im happy regardless of the pain endured by my friend!! hahah how awful!!! sorry im a horrible friend!!!!!! and sorry that i told your tale...hahah!!

8 Things

i got tagged to do this eight things thing by COOKING WITH KATE (check it out: and because i love her so doing it! here we go:

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:
1. for it to stop raining
2. seeing my sister tonight!
3. seeing my family this summer
4. my next trip to spain...dont know when, dont know how, but its coming...
5. when i am no longer considered a low-income wage earner...awkward...
6. going to ZUMBA with my sister saturday :)
7. knowing where im going next in this crazy life of mine
8. for my bald spot to grow its hair back...just kidding i dont have a bald spot, im a woman, just kidding some women actually do have bald spots, just kidding this is not something i should be talking about, just kidding i can talk about whatever i want, its my blog, just kidding its not my blog im an impostor, just kidding im not an impostor, i am who i say i am, just kidding im a pathological liar, just kidding i just lie when im anxious, just kidding ive never told a lie in my life, just kidding i just did..just kidding just kidding...(if you dont know what this is...look at kristen wiigs just kidding sketch on snl...obsessed!!!)

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. went to work
2. waited impatiently for my sister to arrive
3. ordered chinese and had wine with my sister once she finally arrived
4. avoided having a latte in order to be on-time for work!
5. rode the metro
6. rode the bus
7. ok now im just getting desperate...clearly didnt do much the last two will be what i did today...whatever, i make my own rules...i finished my AMAZING book club book...Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer...SUCH a good book, not kidding, go out and get it. now.
8. went to the gym this morning...which is where i finished my book and pumped some iron..haha!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. go on a trip
2. whistle (although i think its an irritating still jealous of those who can, i just wish they wouldnt.)
3. a cartwheel...never was able to get the hang of those darn cartwheels...
4. be in all my favorite places with all my favorite people at once!!
5. extend the hours in a day :)
6. be a computer or technology whizz..haha happy with my ignorance!
7. everything that i want to do
8. calm down :)

8 Shows I Watch:
1. the young and the restless...obvi
2. the biggest loser (dont know why, but i love it)
3. so you think you can dance (in the summer)
4. friends, when i can catch it!
5. americas next top model...when they have marathons on the weekends!
6. the barefoot contessa on the food network when i can...which has only been like three times, but i love her and i have cooked two of her recipes!!! impressed?!
7. hmm i used to watch greys, but now always wait for dvd
8. ive watched a couple of episodes of gossip girl...wish i had time to watch, but dont!!

now im supposed to pick 8 people to do this survey..but clearly no one will, so i wont bother! have a good wednesday!! xoxo!

Friday, April 17, 2009


well last night i was accosted at the grocery store. seriously, the weirdest things ever always happen to me! i was in the cracker aisle minding my own business just looking for the multigrain saltines when all of a sudden this guy comes up to me and says really quietly in broken you speak spanish? i said..yes. then he goes..hablas espanol? i said, si. then he asked how i was, where i was from, then he just casually slipped in there that he just lost his job. thaaaat was the part that got a little awkward. but let me just take a little break here and in the heck did he know that i spoke spanish!?!? do my skills just exude from me?? am i turning into a spanish mama?? or was it that i was wearing my flamenco dress and playing my castanets?? hmm..dont know. anyway, so here we are standing in the cracker aisle. he has his hands in his pockets, sort of slumped over, pained look on his face, and speaking sooo quietly that im straining to hear him. i was like, is he going to cry?? i was like..well, ok. really sorry? haha like i am sorry he lost his job..but like, we are strangers in the grocery store..i dont really know if im the best person for him to discuss his loss with?? so i just said...well, im really sorry. where did you work? he told me he worked at this restaurant around the corner and they just dont want to pay him anymore, so he lost his job. i was like, aw man, well luckily there are lots of restaurants!! so no worries, you can find a new job! he just looks at me and was like, im so down. im so low. im just really feeling sad. i was like..oh man, this is getting more awkward by the second. i just kept being like, well im really sorry...all the while thinking...i mean..what does this guy want from me?? then he told me that he is from honduras and he really wants to go back to his country and i was like..oh, thats a good idea. then hes like, but how!?? i lost my job! i was like...oh god..i dont know dude...i need to buy my crackers and get the heck out of here!! so fiiiinnallly he asks me what he approached me for in the first place...if i could help him out a little. i said, really sorry..but i dont have anything to give you right now. then i said, im really sorry and good luck and you will find a new job!! then he goes..ok. please forgive me. and sort of bows a little. i was just like, no no its i slowly backed away from him and the most awkward grocery store convo ever! i quickly made for the exit leaving the crackers and my new friend from honduras behind! my life is crazy :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

my new thing

i have a new thing... ok i didnt invent it or anything, my dentist actually told me to do it! i now drink coffee from a straw!! sounds weird, right?? well it is, but im sort of liking it! i am an avid coffee drinker as many of you may much so that some say i have a problem! annywayyy...i told my dentist this at my latest appt and she was like, you better watch out, coffee stains your teeth! then she told me she shares my obsession and introduced me to the straw-in-coffee technique to save your teeth! BRILLIANT, i say! i suggest you all start doing this so you can keep your pearly whites pearly and not gross and yellow! ENJOY!

**warning...and this may be because i drink my coffee really hot and order my lattes extra extra hot...burning not only your tongue but now your entire throat is a guaranteed side effect of this new technique! proceed with caution :)

tales of the metro

ok, so i know i talk about the metro a lot in my blog...but the thing is, i spend a large amount of my time on the metro, so a lot happens to me, ok?? today the escalator was broken so we had to walk down the giant escalator...and luckily for me, someone on my escalator was lugging a big it was clogged with about 30 angry metro riders cursing out the slow person with the huge luggage who kept stopping every few steps and making us all late. i felt kinda bad for him and wanted to point out that there is in fact an elevator for those lugging luggage..but thought better of it when i saw his angry sweaty face...anywayyy...then i was rushing trying to catch the train that, of course, pulled out of the platform as i arrived. as the platform filled up with people the next train approached. everyone crowds next to the doors trying to be the first ones on to find a seat or a good place to stand. anyway, i was waiting patiently and politely for people to get out before i ran on, but it was like a clown car let out...tons and tons of people just kept flooding out! i was waiting by the door with two other guys and all of a sudden we hear the beep and the door starts closing. one of the guys dives through and the doors close on half his body until he wedges himself through at the last second leaving me and the other guy in the dust! i was like, wait, what?!? what just happened?? i waited for the train, for people to get out, then missed the train! its not like there were 100 people trying to get on at that was three of us for goodness sake! it was so weird. so i looked around, that train must have been packed and many people must have not made it on. nooope. literally it was me and this curly haired old guy just standing all by ourselves on the platform. no one else. i think i even saw a tumbleweed roll by. we just kind of looked at each other, slightly embarrassed at what just happened and silently went back to waiting...

i mean, it was only about three minutes until another train came by...but seriously, theres no excuse for us missing that first train. the weird thing is, why didnt we just go to another door?? guess my critical thinking skills were just not firing that early in the morning. awkward!

Friday, April 10, 2009

not my day!

today is just NOT my day! i woke up, went to the gym...things were going well...made my way to starbucks (id like to say because its friday and thats the reason, but we all know i have a problem that reaches beyond fridays only...) and i got myself a latte and a totally adorable mini scone! so cute! anyway, so i get on the shuttle bus that i take to work and im on the phone with all my bags, my cute little scone, and my latte...and i suppose something just had to give...i dropped my latte ALL over me and all over the bus! it was so awful! i screamed into the phone GOTTA GO and started frantically cleaning it up before the bus driver noticed and killed me! omg so awful...bad enough i got latte all over me, but even worse that i was stuck with HALF a latte! sad! anyway...just now i went to get a snack because im staaarving and there was NOTHING. so i ended up choosing cereal...rice krispies...ew! again, no choices at all. so i got back to my office with my disappointing snack, began opening the little package when all of a sudden the whole thing pops open and those tiny little krispies fly all over me and my office! how irritating! those fricken krispies...i knew i should have stuck with yogurt!

today is noooooot my day!! goin to the katy perry concert tonight with my bff so things should start looking up...oh god, just jinxed it, didnt i??

the infectious laugh

have you ever been in a situation where you are by yourself and you hear someone else laughing and for some reason or just want to join in?? no? well..i that weird?? i was on the metro yesterday after work, reading my book, minding my own business...when i hear this deep chuckle from across the metro. it was the funniest sounding chuckle. it sounded fake at first. finally i had to look back to see who it was coming from..i couldnt even concentrate on my book! it was this guy sitting with his family just laughing his head off while his family looked on in horror. then they looked away, pretending not to know him. one of his kids even goes..its not funny dad (all teenagery and annoyed). and he just kept chuckling eh eh eh eh ehhh...deep and consistent..literally sounded fake. so i just smiled and tried to go back to my reading. but i couldnt! i kept wanting to look at him and realized that i was like really smiling at this point...then for some reason, I had the urge to laugh too! it was the weirdest thing..but this insane laughing went on for a good five minutes and by the end...a lot of people were looking, but i appeared to be the only one laughing along with him! haha! chuckles had an infectious weird sounding laugh and i just couldnt resist the urge! the lady next to me probably thought i was a total psycho! haha...whatever, that little chuckler made my day! HAPPY FRIDAY! xoxox

im baaaaaaaack

IM BACK from Argentina! It was the best trip ever! Love Buenos Aires, loved speaking spanish, and of course seeing my best friend! Sorry I have been MIA...but there was no time to blog there and ive been crazy since coming back. is one quick story for ya:

so i am getting on the plane to go back to the US and we are all geared up, captains put on the fasten seat belt sign, the flight attendants are supposed to "prepare for take off", when all of a sudden i hear screaming like in this high pitched grandma voice...SIIIIIIIR SIIIIIIIIIIR WHERES YOUR SEAT?!?! SIR, YOUR SEAT! WHERE IS IT??? SIIIIIR (literally the highest pitched sound you have ever heard, voice of panic and confusion, coming from a grandma flight attendant straight from a saturday night live skit). then i hear a mans voice (in spanish) all business...sit down sir. you must find your seat sir. sit down. then he lunges forward and SHOVES the guy down the aisle. not a helpful guide, not a little pat...he straight pushed him down the aisle. then the guy finally comes into view...almost falling down the aisle after being pushed so hard (the plane is starting to take off at this point) and he is clutching a pile of clothes that he apparently was changing out of while in the bathroom and he looked SO CONFUSED and SO SCARED...he was like hobbling down the aisle looking for his seat and ducking like he was under attack with a look of utter confusion while the two flight attendants just keep yelling. he fiiiiiiiinally found his seat all the way in the FRONT of the plane and then all was well. it was seriously the weirdest and funniest take off experience ive ever had! nothing like a little excitement to start a flight! haha!