Thursday, April 29, 2010

i have a problem

i dont know if its because i move around a lot or because i am getting premature alzheimers, but i seem to be having a litttttle problem remembering my zip code. yes im serious and no im not five years old. seriously though, if it happened just once or maybe twice at the most, i probably wouldnt think anything of it. but this has happened one too many times recently! i know it seems weird to even think about your zip code...but there are certain stressful situations where it comes up and i will inevitably give the totally wrong zip code each and every time. its a serious issue and im starting to worry just the slightest bit :) btw this does not include writing a letter or writing my address on some form or something...that, thank goodness, i can still do. its other more speedy, more urgent situations with which i have difficulty. for example, when you are at a store (ie nordstrom --happened just last week) and you are checking out and they suddenly ask you for your zip...putting you on the spot..the whole line waiting behind start to sweat and panic...start mumbling some random numbers that you seriously believe to be your zip only to realize you are giving a totally incorrect number but unable to correct yourself because what kind of a weirdo doesnt know their zip code and all the while wondering if there is any way they could find out that you are mumbling a false code and call you out on it right then and there. WHEW. im getting stressed just thinking about it. there have literally been several times over the past year that i have given completely wrong zip codes and have had secret feelings of panic each time ive been asked at a register. the other place where i often get my zip code incorrect is at the gas station. i know this sounds strange, but where i live there are certain areas that ask for your zip code when you put in your credit card to make sure you didnt steal the card or something..your zip has to match what the bank has on record for you or you are unable to use your card. with that kind of pressure, i almost always put in the wrong zip. the frustration and embarrassment (in front of only yourself--thats the worst kind) that follows is pretty intense. i have actually had to leave a gas station and go to one nearby that doesnt ask for awkward. i have also had to go inside to talk to the register person explaining my situation with my head held in shame. anyway, to be honest, i am a bit concerned about my zip code recall problem. it is true that i move around a lot...buuuuut i have lived at my current location for almost a year...and i did the gas station one today and had to use my moms credit card instead bc my card was then denied with the wrong zip it was embarrassing on many levels--not only was my card denied, but then i had to tell my mom of my little issue. yikes.

any thoughts?? am i losing my mind? do i just have a horrible memory for numbers?? is it just one of my many weird problems? ahh...the next time you are asked for your zip code, think of me and wish me luck on my next stressful zip code situation.....


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


over the weekend i went on a little mini vacay to virginia. along the way we stayed at 2 bed and breakfasts! they are SO nice SO cute and SOO fun! why would anyone stay in a big impersonal hotel over a lovely b&b?? they are priced similarly in many cases and they have so much more character! we stayed in two that were very different, but both equally cute. the first was in Charlottesville and was more of a modern-style b&b! when we walked in, the lady gave us our keys, offered us a bev, and showed us around...there was a really cute screened-in porch stocked with little snacks, water, and tea, they had a happy hour each day with wine and cheese, and (this is why i say modern) a giant flat-screened tv and dvd player in each room! hah! so funny..but really nice to snuggle up with a movie and some wine in an adorable room after a long day of sightseeing! the next one we stayed at was a more traditional b&b! it was located in Harpers Ferry and was much smaller and much more quaint. there were no tvs here! when you walked in it smelled like baking and sure enough in the cozy living room there were fresh baked cookies, tea, drinks, and chocolate! so cute! it was also stocked with tons of board games! so here, we cuddled up with a game of scrabble and wine (obvi) and stayed up late fighting over which words were legit and which were made-up (willy is a word..right?? like willy-nilly...right??). anyway...the best part of both places: the breakfast! how much fun is it to wake up to the smells and sounds of cooking in the morning??! and then to walk downstairs to a beautifully set table and get served fresh home-made treats! it was so nice! im telling you...b&bs are the way to go!! they really made our trip!!

ah well...back to reality!


Roly Bags

what the heck is it with all the roly bags?? kids cant carry their backpacks anymore?? people cant carry a briefcase?? we are seriously getting more and more lazy! i mean, i get a rolling suitcase that weighs 50+ pounds...clearly we dont want to be lugging those all around...but a backpack?? hello...its called a backpack for a reason! whats next?? purses that roll? wallets?? i dont like the way this is going. you better believe my kids will be carrying their backpack and i will be carrying my purse and/or briefcase in hand until im old and grey!

yep, thats it :) have a good one!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

dry mouth

hello all! sorry ive been MIA.......oh yah and a quick update: I DID NOT EAT THE JAMON!!! those spaniards tried to make me eat it a few times...and to be honest, it was a little tempting...but i resisted the urge and stayed away from that big old leg of meat! hah! ALSO in other news...when i came home from spain, i became a VEGAN! its been two weeks and i feel great..ill keep ya posted on how that goes!

OK now for the real post...dry mouth. this morning i went to a weekly presentation that we have at our work...once a week someone from the department gets up and does a little lesson on whatever it is thats going on in their specialty...either an update on some topic, some research, or a case that they are working on...anyway...sometimes they are really interesting talks and sometimes i nearly fall asleep! today was a pretty interesting one and the guy was a really good speaker. the audience was actively listening and people seemed to really be enjoying it. i was too, that is until i noticed the speakers severe case of: DRY MOUTH. like, he really really needed a drink of water...bad. i mean, i know we've all been there. you are getting up to give some presentation or to have a serious talk with someone and you find yourself getting a little nervous...palms start sweating...hearts racing...mouth starts to get a little dry. but before you know it, youre starting and theres nothing you can do about it. try as you might to lick your lips...swallow...clear your throat...everyone can hear it in the microphone as you try in vein to wet your mouth and your mouth just keeps making that weird noise that it makes when its really dry. you just keep talking, pretending like everythings fine, that you are not cursing yourself out for forgetting your water bottle. and the more you try to lick your lips or swallow or pry your lips from the top of your teeth where they are now stuck just to wrap your lips around your bone dry teeth...the more dry your mouth seems to get. you know what i mean, right?? this guys dry mouth was seriously making me uncomfortable and making me want some water! i really wanted to help him out with a drink or toss him up a mint! haha! but sadly i just had to sit and watch him suffer. the good news was that once people started participating a little more..i think his nerves calmed a little and he was able, once again, to make saliva....things looked up from there. moral of the stressful situations, dont forget your water bottle.

happy spring!