Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bad habits

bad habits seem to be forming all around me...whats going on here?? i think the bottom line--im soooooooo ready for CHRISTMAS BREAK!! thats really the only super exciting thing about being back in school....really long christmas vacation! haha sad...but true!! anyway, back to these bad habits...clearly coffee is a problem for me...flavored, unflavored, espresso...you name it, i love it. you name it, i crave it. you name it, i probably drink it about 10 times per day. seriously, in the last post when i mentioned a coffee IV drip...i was secretly wishing it were true! hah..so thats a bad habit that just seems to be growing with this whole school/finals/stress thing ive got goin on! i have also cultivated some compulsions recently. now that we are in the computer age (yes, i realize we are not just NOW in the computer age...but seriously..ive been out of school for only two years and things have like really changed! plus i am not really computer savvy and actually just mentioned to a friend that perhaps i will go back to the typewriter...ahh the simpler times...)...whoa, side tracked, ok so now that we are in the computer age--everything is online...grades, class notes, announcements, etc. this may seem like its a good thing...but really it just breeds obsessive compulsive behavior! each time i take a test i compulsively check the website to see if the scores have been posted...like you think id be satisfied with having checked five minutes ago...nope. about to check again. (yes, i seriously did just check in the middle of writing this post...probably will again before the post is sent!). i have also been a little obsessive with sparkling water....i never even used to drink sparkling water and now i seriously cannot study without it. i only have one can left and its gone through my head several times tonight that i will be without sparkling water tomorrow and really need to do something about it..fast. such a weirdo.

hmm perhaps i will try to break some of the bad habits that have formed this semester over break....although i guess upon further thought, these arent really new bad habits at all..they have just manifested themselves in different ways...clearly i have always been a little OCD doing things like checking my alarm clock 800 times before i go to bed or clearly locking my car door, walking away, then convincing myself i forgot, and turning back just to make sure...even though i know i locked it. you know i locked it. i always lock it! and the coffee obsession is obvi nothing new...it just rears its ugly head when im lacking sleep or just looking for some comfort in a cup :) what??

two finals down. two to go. as you probably can tell...i may or may not be cracking up....



  1. sorry you are going a bit LOCO!!! the online thing is a huge pain in the butt, i will admit. but sparkling water isn't a bad habit!!! drink away i say. and drink that coffee too. also, watch the holiday or love actually and drink some hot cocoa and eat some cookies. that's a habit you should form xxx