Friday, January 30, 2009

sometimes you just get the urge!

so i have this problem at work...sometimes i get strange urges. the other day was one of those times. i was organizing some papers for a project we are working on and i came across one that was doubled up. (background...we work with a bunch of different documents, each identified with a number--each person has a number..get it??) i came across one document that i had two of for the same number. i picked it up. i looked at it a little puzzled...and then i just suddenly ripped it up into a million pieces and threw it in the garbage before i even knew what i was doing. then right after that, i found another one that had been doubled and i was like, oh crap, not another one...evidence...theres no turning back i ripped that one up too and threw it away. then i just sat there...breathing hard, paper cuts all over my body like that movie with reese witherspoon...then i thought...oh. my. god. what in the hell was that?!? its like, something came over me that i couldnt control. there was no need to rip up the documents like a wild animal. all i had to do was set them aside and put a post-it on them (something i am obsessed with btw) for further investigation. i could have figured out WHY there were two! there must have been some reason!? dear god, im crazy! i really hope we didnt need those!! this could get awkward...i need to learn to manage my urges!!


  1. well, blondie, I can give u a punching ball for your urges! But please, for those poor patients sake, don´t rip or destroy anything more!
    sharing story:
    When i was waiting (like 5 or 4 years ago) for my foreigner ID for work in spain legally, something happened to me, but in the other side.
    When you apply for this ids is like hell: you have to wait like a year to be answered, fill a lot of papers, bring a lot of certificates... that kind of stuff. and of course, queuing a lot!
    well, the answer was very late, i wasnt able to go out of spain in 2 years! i was becoming desperate! so, i went to the office (where i wasnt suppoused to show up without an appointment)and ask for my reply. it was lunch time so almost nobody was there. a kind man showed up and helped me find my file. it wasnt on the computer! i was waiting for almost 2 years and they had lost my file without letting me know about it! i was soooo mad! the kind man said: dont you worry, we´ll find the person in charge of your file". but he was retired! ja....
    so he led me to this room, that used to be his desktop and we found like 10 mountains of folders! just there on the floor! and this man grab on from the bottom and said: "here! this is your file!" I swallowed, "and it´s perfectly ok, i dont know why it´s not approved".
    he stamped the seal, put his signature on it and gave an appointment for the next week to pick up my id!
    if i wasnt there that midday, i rather had to come back to argentina.

    see? so, be carfeull with what you rip of, ok?

  2. hahah OMG! you are SO cute!!! i misss you!! and yes, i will be careful next time :) come visit me!!!

  3. first of all, male, so cute... that is the best story... very blog-worthy

    secondly, what reese witherspoon movie are you talking about???