Friday, January 30, 2009

im kind of weird

i did something kind of weird last night. it involved online shopping...yahh..its a dangerous thing. well, at least for most normal people. it usually means you splurged on an expensive pair of shoes or a purse or some weird work-out video that you saw on an infomercial (no? just me?)...well not me, because im kind of weird. i was just heading to bed at about midnight and i reached over to put on some chapstick and my tube was so empty that it was literally scratching my lips up as i tried desperately to rehydrate them. clearly not something you want in a chapstick! but its my last tube of my absolute favorite chapstick that they dont sell anymore...natural ice (my fav is natural ice cherry but thats long gone) needless to say, i am willing to have a bloody lip so i can keep using it as long as possible. but then i got to thinking (haha I sound like an infomercial now!)...maybe they do still sell this "online world" that my friend keeps trying to tell me about. soo i hopped up and turned on my computer...AND THEY DO!!! i swear, there is nothing they dont have online (yah, not much into sadly, im just realizing this!) so anyway, i had me a little online shopping spree at at midnight on a thursday!! how many people can say that?? i bought 9 tubes of my favorite chapstick and a tube of toothpaste...what? the chapsticks looked lonely!

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