Monday, February 22, 2010


have you ever heard a more unappealing name for food than: BEAN CURD?? i mean...that just sounds nasty! i have been a tofu fans for a few years now and whenever i saw "bean curd" on the menu, i was like..umm..i dont thiiink so! then once when i was like, ew sick, bean curd...someone told me that it was just tofu and i was like what the?? why the heck dont they just call it the much more normal, recognizable, and appealing name: tofu?? so strange! i mean, i have a hard enough time convincing people to try tofu as it is...but when you couple it with the name bean curd, its just darn near impossible! haha, i know i sound crazy..but its actually weird the amount of things that go into whether or not we like a food or even try a food! theres the name, appearance, texture, etc. another name example for me is wiener schnitzel.....that name just sounds like a joke! when my sister and i were in austria i thought that wiener schnitzel was a hot dog and when my sister ordered one for like 10 euros, i was like..what the heck!? its a fricken hot dog.....theeeeeen my sister and several austrians laughed like crazy at me! haha whoops! either way, the schnitz=unappealing. lentils are another one...they are so fricken good and super healthy...but they may or may not look like a big grey blob in a generally when i eat them at work, i get some interesting looks :) whatevs!

anyway, i guess the moral of the story is...dont judge a food before you try it?? well, clearly thats not gonna i guess lets just stop calling tofu bean curd and ill be happy :)

happy monday!

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