Wednesday, February 24, 2010


so i was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about dreams. specifically, they were talking about when ppl dream of their girlfriend or boyfriend cheating on them or doing something bad and then they wake up mad at them and have a tough time shaking it. at first i thought that was so silly because..hello..its just a dream! but then i thought about it and realized that sometimes my dreams are so life-like that i seriously have to think whether or not they really happened! (same thing happens to me with movies...sometimes i forget if what i am remembering happened to me or if i saw it in a movie...then when im halfway into a story of "my life" i start to wonder if maybe it was actually a movie im talking about...but once you start, you cant just hope someone doesnt say..wait...i think that was the movie pretty woman....haha what??) anywayyyy..back to the dreams...this actually happened to me yesterday when i had a dream about an old friend and i reuniting. it was a beautiful dream...we havent seen each other in a long time...i saw him, we met, i cried...beautiful...but then...he looked at me...really looked at me...and, youve gotten thick. he said it in the sweetest, most sincere voice and i looked at him sort of confused and hes like..what...its not bad! im like..OMG! you cant say that to someone.......and alarm went off. and i woke up and realized i was like seriously offended. i was like, geez, hes gotten rude. i also wanted to get to the gym! haha! the power of dreams....


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