Monday, February 2, 2009


ew. so today i was getting my lunch together to take to work and something sick happened. i try to be very economical and healthy during the week i bring my lunch and i usually cook a bunch of things and freeze them! so smart, i know. last night i took out some soup that i had frozen and put it on the counter to thaw overnight. when i picked it up this morning to put in my bag, my finger slid over something weird. the container was wet from thawing out, which was kind of already grossing me out, but then i felt something else...something...hard. i slowly and without panic glanced down at what my finger was still touching (for some reason, i kept my finger on the unknown matter)...and then i realized it was a! sick! and the worst part about it was, it was one of those stupid bugs...the ones that are not scared of people, so they just hang around and are irritating. so even though i was touching it, it wasnt moving. so naturally, i screamed...then tried to like blow it off my soup! but the fricken thing wouldnt i had to TOUCH it again and flick it off! sick. what a nasty way to start the day! the only comfort i get out of this bad start to a monday morning is that i probably wont be alone in my bug encounter! i know this because after i flicked the bug into the kitchen, i ran away...leaving the bug to say good morning to the other roommates! haha sorry guys!


  1. do you think that maybe the bug was on the container when it froze, like it was an old bug that had been there and thawed with the soup, so when you touched it, it couldn't move because it was dead? what do you think about that scenario? did you ever see it move? maybe when you were grossed out and pissed because it was stupid, you should have been mourning it... i know... deep...

  2. hahah LOL...its a good theory...and it just might work..if only i hadnt seen the bug the night before, alive and well! so basically i deserve what i got bc i was too lazy to deal with the bug the first time i saw it! haha! man...that'll teach me...