Tuesday, October 6, 2009


there is so much hype about emergen-c but since i rarely get sick i have never had the pleasure of trying it....until NOW! last week i suddenly went from not sick to sick in a matter of seconds...which clearly i do not have any time or patience for, so i just kept pretending i wasnt sick (sometimes you can fool it..not kidding people, power of positive thought!!)...but when that failed me (what?? i didnt say it alwayyys works!) i decided to bring in some reinforcements. i went to the store and got some coat throat tea (celestial seasonings), some emergen-c, and some oranges and i went nuts. i had those things every day and literally less than a week later...IM BETTER!! and that is with the stress of two tests, no sleep, and a crazed schedule.....so im gonna go ahead and say that emergen-c really works!!! i now swear by it and will be chugging it any time i feel some sickness coming on!! maybe they could pay me to do infomercials for them?? omg i could have a new career on my hands!!

ok back to work...just thought id share and if any of you feel a sickness coming on, seriously start chugging emergen-c...you will not be disappointed :) (plus it sort of tastes like tang, which is obviously so good and totally reminds me of after school snacks with my sister!!)


  1. I felt sickness coming on Monday night and have been chugging it since Tuesday so I am hoping to be better by tomorrow or Sunday! The throat coat did take care of my sore throat completely!

  2. i love emergen-c! the first time i tried it was in college and i felt like crap and just knew a nasty cold was coming on. i refused to miss tailgating for an 11:00 football game and so i woke up to tailgate way too early as usual and started chugging emergen-c in orange juice thanks to my friend. so now every time i feel a cold coming on, i drink the max # of emergen-c's possible.

  3. ooooo mixed with orange juice! thats an even better idea!!