Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the power of the rubber glove

if you do not have a pair of yellow rubber gonna need you to go and get some immediately! they are seriously so amazing! not only are they good for washing that you dont have to burn your hands with the hot water or touch the nasty food thats on the dishes...they make you invincible for any unsavory task. for example, this morning i walked into my bathroom, all sleepy eyed and tired...and as i looked in the mirror to survey the damage (me in the mirror, obvi) to my HORROR, behind me on the wall was a GIANT (ok fine, you caught was really teenager size...not baby, but not big daddy) CENTIPEDE!! and i think we can all agree that centipedes with their millions of legs and their speed are just about the sickest bug to come across. anyway...i thought about what to do and considered my options 1. smash it with a nearby kleenex...nope, too thin and small and too big a chance i might miss or it may dodge me and then a stray leg could touch my hand (again-speed+million legs=not ok) so then i thought 2. i could smash it with a shoe...but then its like, should i use my shoe and risk getting guts on it or worse, leftover legs?? nope. so then i would have to find someone elses shoe to use and then i got to thinking...there just isnt time for this plan because what if i go in search of a shoe and then i come back and its no longer there!!? that would be awful because then chances are it crawled somewhere to hide like maybe in the shower (which i was about to get into) or maybe it would try to crawl onto my toothbrush and then maybe i wouldnt think to check before i brushed and then it may accidentally go into my mouth...and then i eulped and knew i had to move on to plan #3...the rubber glove plan. THIS is the best plan, clearly and the ultimate winner. in a flash i ran for my rubber gloves and put them on for protection, then i got two thick paper towels and ran back to the bathroom and bravely smashed the centipede without even screaming or crying!! heres the thing, with rubber gloves on your hand, you dont have to be scared!! you can touch anything sick or get near things that you are scared of (mainly bugs, but also any dirty clean-up job) without fear because you are protected by the glove!! amazing right?? with those gloves, i become a different invincible person!! if you dont have some, get some...because you dont want to be faced with something sick one morning when you wake up and then have to attack it with unprotected bare hands! believe me, ive been there and its not a pretty picture :)


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