Saturday, October 3, 2009


new obsession: the LARABAR!!!!!

seriously SO amazing!! now that i have night classes and dont eat dinner until i get home somewhere between 9:30 and 10:30...i have had to start planning ahead for snacks and things to tide me over. the blog world seems to be obsessed with bars for this purpose so i went ahead and bought a few different kinds to try (luna, cliff, think thin, kind, etc) they have all been pretty good so far, buuuuuuut the leader of the pack is DEF the LARABAR!! i LOVE that there are seriously only about 3-5 ingredients (mainly fruit and nuts)...all of which i recognize and can pronounce! they are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher...yeeeep they pretty much sound sick, right?? thats what i thought too...then i opened it and saw the delightful nasty brown stiff square...ew, sick again...but i went that far, so had to go all the way and actually eat the sucker! i am proud to say i was wrong! larabars are sooo YUM! dont know how they do it, but they take those like three ingredients and make them into something filling, healthy, and delicious! if you are like me and always running around like a crazy person and constantly not having time to eat...go get yourself some larabars!!! my fav flavs so far are peanut butter cookie and chocolate coconut chew...YUM!


ps any other bar suggestions or fast/healthy snack ideas would be appreciated!!


  1. oh little coley. i could have told you that larabar is the king of the pack!!! i love the key lime & cherry ones myself :) i dont even like the other bars all that much! except if you want a low calorie one, the clif zbar (kids one) is pretty good too.

  2. How could Kind Bars not make it to the top of the list? They not only are delicious but they look amazing. Starbucks now sells these as a gluten free alternative.

  3. while i love starbucks (obvi) and kind bars are ooook....they dont compare to the larabar! haah! actually, i think i just ate too many of them and started hating them...ill give them another try!!

    kate--you should have told me sooner!! ive been missing out!! xoxo