Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MovIe ReViewS

helloo blog world! my life as a bum is coming to a close...i have a little less than a week left of FUN! i have finally been able to see some movies and decided to do a little movie review! here we gooo:

Its Complicated
soooo cute! saw this on christmas with a mix of moms and friends and the overall consensus was that it was really cute! i wouldnt say oscar worthy, but really funny and really entertaining! def recommend it! grade: A-

im sorry in advance...did NOT like it! i know it got so much hype and will probably win a bunch of awards and oprah loved it and all...but i will have to respectfully disagree. no, i am not heartless...i think its a story that def needs to be told and could be powerful--but i guess i just thought it was going to be better? could be a product of over-hype? dont know...regardless--grade: C

Lovely Bones
a lot of you know that i have been waiting for this for a looongg time! i LOVED this book so i was super excited for the movie! i saw it yesterday with my sister and it did NOT disappoint! i thought it was soo creative and so well cast...i loved it!! i cried the entire way through and had to cover my eyes a few times...but it was totally worth it. SEE IT!! grade: A

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
duhh...i should have never gone into this movie in the first place! totally not my taste...anyone who knows me could have told me not to bother! buuuut i did...it was a date, what can i say?? anyway, needless to say, i was NOT a fan. grade: D

Inglourious Basterds
ok, yes i am aware that this is now an old movie...but i am finally getting around to seeing it as i have heard so many times how great it is and everyone is all shocked when i mention i havent seen it! anyway, i finally saw it last night with my sister and again i say...i should have known! hard as i might try...i just do NOT like quentin tarantino. i know everyone is obsessed and thinks hes a genius...and fine, pulp fiction was really good and kill bill was pretty fricken cool...but even with that said, i would never buy either of these movies or choose to watch them on a friday night. what can i say?? i would much rather see You've Got Mail or Overboard for the millionth time on tv! whatever..you like what you like! anyway, i guess there were some good parts and it was entertaining, i guess...soo ill go with--grade: B-

well, i think thats about it! the next movie on my list is Up In The Air! hopefully i can get it in before classes start!! any other must-sees??



  1. Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges

  2. i heard crazy heart was really good too! lovely bones was good...stanley tucchi was majorly creepsterish. he gave me the heebie jeebies!!!

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