Saturday, January 23, 2010

the little tootski

i went to a private yoga class today that my trainer held for a few of his clients. as the title of this post suggests, sometimes ppl allow themselves to become a little too relaxed during their yoga experience. now, i know they say to completely let yourself go...but there are certain unwritten boundaries to that release people! unfortunately, a lady learned that the hard way today in our little yoga class...let me set the stage leading up to the main event: the room was completely silent (no music even)...all of us had our eyes closed...the teacher instructed us to breathe deep...stretch...deep breath...relax...breathe...toooooot...all eyes immediately open looking directly at the woman from which the tootski escaped. she looked over to her daughter with a sheepish smile and said, in a tiny voice, "oops". it was seriously all i could do to maintain composure!! haha i dont know what it is about farts...but i seriously become a child in situations where farts happen in an awkward or unexpected way...lets just face it: farts are funny. haha all i can say is...thank god it wasnt me :)

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