Monday, January 25, 2010

movie review update!

i saw The Hurt Locker today and it was surprisingly a great movie! it felt like last year when i was so skeptical of gran torino and then loved it. i hadnt even heard of The Hurt Locker until the last award show and then michelle obama said in a magazine that it was one of her favorite movies of the i decided i better give it a try. normally i am not really a war movie type of gal...but i have to say it was so well done. i didnt really recognize any of the actors as big names (but you know im not that good at that!) but i thought they all did great with their parts and really made it seem believable. it was definitely not easy to watch and doesnt make me feel very good about what is going on in iraq or where things might go in the future, but i am really happy i watched it. it also really makes you think about all of the people serving in the military and what they must be going through not only on a daily basis, but for the rest of their lives. so sad and touching and definitely thought-provoking bottom line: a really good movie. i obviously recommend it and give it an A. see it!