Wednesday, April 14, 2010

dry mouth

hello all! sorry ive been MIA.......oh yah and a quick update: I DID NOT EAT THE JAMON!!! those spaniards tried to make me eat it a few times...and to be honest, it was a little tempting...but i resisted the urge and stayed away from that big old leg of meat! hah! ALSO in other news...when i came home from spain, i became a VEGAN! its been two weeks and i feel great..ill keep ya posted on how that goes!

OK now for the real post...dry mouth. this morning i went to a weekly presentation that we have at our work...once a week someone from the department gets up and does a little lesson on whatever it is thats going on in their specialty...either an update on some topic, some research, or a case that they are working on...anyway...sometimes they are really interesting talks and sometimes i nearly fall asleep! today was a pretty interesting one and the guy was a really good speaker. the audience was actively listening and people seemed to really be enjoying it. i was too, that is until i noticed the speakers severe case of: DRY MOUTH. like, he really really needed a drink of water...bad. i mean, i know we've all been there. you are getting up to give some presentation or to have a serious talk with someone and you find yourself getting a little nervous...palms start sweating...hearts racing...mouth starts to get a little dry. but before you know it, youre starting and theres nothing you can do about it. try as you might to lick your lips...swallow...clear your throat...everyone can hear it in the microphone as you try in vein to wet your mouth and your mouth just keeps making that weird noise that it makes when its really dry. you just keep talking, pretending like everythings fine, that you are not cursing yourself out for forgetting your water bottle. and the more you try to lick your lips or swallow or pry your lips from the top of your teeth where they are now stuck just to wrap your lips around your bone dry teeth...the more dry your mouth seems to get. you know what i mean, right?? this guys dry mouth was seriously making me uncomfortable and making me want some water! i really wanted to help him out with a drink or toss him up a mint! haha! but sadly i just had to sit and watch him suffer. the good news was that once people started participating a little more..i think his nerves calmed a little and he was able, once again, to make saliva....things looked up from there. moral of the stressful situations, dont forget your water bottle.

happy spring!

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  1. now did you remember your water bottle last night as you spoke to the younguns from AU, you mentor you?