Wednesday, April 28, 2010


over the weekend i went on a little mini vacay to virginia. along the way we stayed at 2 bed and breakfasts! they are SO nice SO cute and SOO fun! why would anyone stay in a big impersonal hotel over a lovely b&b?? they are priced similarly in many cases and they have so much more character! we stayed in two that were very different, but both equally cute. the first was in Charlottesville and was more of a modern-style b&b! when we walked in, the lady gave us our keys, offered us a bev, and showed us around...there was a really cute screened-in porch stocked with little snacks, water, and tea, they had a happy hour each day with wine and cheese, and (this is why i say modern) a giant flat-screened tv and dvd player in each room! hah! so funny..but really nice to snuggle up with a movie and some wine in an adorable room after a long day of sightseeing! the next one we stayed at was a more traditional b&b! it was located in Harpers Ferry and was much smaller and much more quaint. there were no tvs here! when you walked in it smelled like baking and sure enough in the cozy living room there were fresh baked cookies, tea, drinks, and chocolate! so cute! it was also stocked with tons of board games! so here, we cuddled up with a game of scrabble and wine (obvi) and stayed up late fighting over which words were legit and which were made-up (willy is a word..right?? like willy-nilly...right??). anyway...the best part of both places: the breakfast! how much fun is it to wake up to the smells and sounds of cooking in the morning??! and then to walk downstairs to a beautifully set table and get served fresh home-made treats! it was so nice! im telling you...b&bs are the way to go!! they really made our trip!!

ah well...back to reality!



  1. It must be especially fun with someone other than your mom and sister.

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