Tuesday, May 11, 2010

men are from mars, women are from venus

a truer statement was never said than men are from mars and women are from venus. there is just a distinct difference between men and women that is so great that it really cannot be denied. there is fundamental disconnect between the two sexes and its really a wonder i am irritated each and every time it comes up (no matter how hard i try). an example of this happened to me tonight. i had a nice little night planned out. my boyfriend and i were cooking dinner together (which means i cooked and he watched)! we made a vegan pasta that was AMAZING...second time making it..i must post the recipe bc it was seriously so good (and super easy). anyway...as we were finishing up the meal and chatting...i scraped some remaining avocado (the star ingredient) and a tiny noodle onto my knife and then onto my fork and into my mouth. thats when it happened. the fundamental disconnect. as i put the fork in my mouth he goes..."did you get it all?" now, i knew he was kidding and i tried to ignore it and not be bothered. i tried to move on and casually keep talking. but then he goes, "are you sure you got it all? do you want some more??" as steam streamed steadily from my ears (if any women out there do not understand why i was not happy with these comments...we need to talk.)...i again tried to ignore his comment and take the literal meaning...after all, i know he doesnt mean it, i know he isnt intentionally calling me fat...so i go, "nope, im good." and i keep going with the previous conversation. but he again...determined to make me understand his joke, that he for some reason thinks im missing, not choosing to ignore...goes, "you know, because you were scraping every tiny bit onto your fork..." im like..."YEP. got it. thanks! i mean...what is that kind of comment supposed to do?? other than to make me feel bad!? or to make me feel fat!?" then i got up and took my plate to the kitchen. i left him sitting at the table totally confused and totally bewildered...wondering why in the world i was upset. hahah! TOTAL DISCONNECT. he immediately lept to his feet uttering apologies...clearly totally surprised that my feelings were somehow hurt by what he said. i tried to explain to him why that comment hurt my feelings...even though i dont think im fat and i dont think he was really calling me fat or a pig or that he cares how much im eating...BUT regardless of any of that...it still hurt my feelings and made me feel sad. he had two things to say: 1. im so so sorry, i didnt mean it and 2. i dont understand women. hahah with the sincere look of regret in his eyes, i had to laugh and just have to say again: men are from mars and women are from venus. done and done. i dont think we will ever fully understand each other...

good night!


  1. Now if he checks the date on the sour cream container, that's it!

    It never ends btw even after 25 years!

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