Friday, May 14, 2010

playing mom

ive spent a lot of time playing mom in my young life so far. from babysitting to nannying to taking kids for a week or more at a time and being a full-time "mommy"...i really think ive seen it all! ive potty-trained, transitioned to spoon-feeding, taken kids off the pacifier, transitioned from the crib, first words, breast-fed...wait...too far. ANYWAY, for the past week and a half, ive been doing the mommy thing. ive been doing overnights with a family that i work for on the weekends because one of the parents is out of town. basically, my job is to do the whole bedtime routine at night and then the morning routine and off to school in the morning. i have to admit even though its a lot of work, i really do like it and i get a lot of warm fuzzies along the way. because if you think about it, those are the best times with kids...when they are all post-bath clean and sleepy and you get good night snuggles and kisses. and then when they are all post-dream groggy and you get their first morning hugs and smiles. its before the whining and the crying and the nose-running begins! haha seriously though, its when they are the cutest :) BUT ive learned over time...and this week did not disappoint...even in those sweet times...its not all adorable! women seriously lose ALL sense of privacy when they have kids. ive been walked in on in the bathroom more times than i can count. ive had my food and drinks taken over by wandering hands. my clothes spilled on. phone conversations interrupted. kids are crazy man! over the past two days..ive really felt the mommy! yesterday i was woken out of sleep to a little one crawling into my bed with me.....i sleep in a twin bed at their lets just say, things are tight. it was pretty cute at first though, i must i didnt protest. i just scootched over...or was actually shoved over by lots of elbows and feet. seriously in our hour or so sleeping together that morning, i got an elbow to the ear, a hand in my eye, feet and knees to my legs, and i was literally smashed up against the wall. so. cute. haha! seriously though--how and why do people sleep with their kids?? its awful! then this morning i woke up and hopped in the shower. my bedroom door was closed as was my bathroom door (which is inside the bedroom). so you think with a two door buffer id be safe from intruders...but no. as i turned off the shower and flung back the curtain i noticed that the bathroom door was open and there was a little blonde with two big blue eyes staring directly at me from my bed. AH! NO PRIVACY! not even with two closed doors was i safe from the little babies. i flung the shower curtain closed and grabbed my towel, quickly dried off and hopped out of the shower. i was greeted with a sleepy smile and a "did i surprise you??" she clearly thought nothing of it! haha, gotta love kids!

oh well..the i love yous, the snuggles, and the smiles make it all worth it!!

happy weekend!!


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