Tuesday, May 11, 2010


ive said it once and ill say it again..i have a starbucks problem. i dont deny it. am i ashamed of it?? of course. do i wish it were different? not really. haha! anyway, today i hit a new low...i emailed starbucks to inform them that the free drink i am owed has not yet arrived in the mail. wow. but seriously...i want my free drink. i earned it. how, you might ask...wellll let me tell you! i have a starbucks GOLD card..very elite, i know youre jealous...anyway, every 15 stars (you get a star for each drink purchased) you get a free drink. clearly that takes no time at all, especially after my starbucks birthday madness...so i looked online the other day and saw that i was close to a free drink. BUT thats the second time ive seen that...so i was like, what the heck..wheres my free drink. i always find it embarrassing to ask for free things or to complain when you have not received a free thing...so i have been putting it off. but yesterday when i stopped to get a mid-afternoon latte..i thought: no more! im asking! so i asked the lady and she said that i will receive a free drink coupon in the mail. wellllllll i have received no such coupon. so after some investigative work on my starbucks account page i saw that i got a free drink coupon issued to me on april 11th and to allow 2-3 weeks for it to arrive...well today is may 11th and i have NO CARD! what the?? so what did i do?? emailed starbucks, of course...god, i was actually slightly embarrassed (in front of only myself) writing the email demanding to know where my free drink was! haha what the heck is my problem?? whatever...i want the free drink im owed for being the most loyal starbucks customer ever! haha! ill keep ya posted on what happens.......OR ill come to my senses and take a step and calm it down with my starbucks obsession...

PS as i was looking for a picture to accompany this post, i came upon
this article, which shows me that there are people out there who are crazier than i am...if you do read the article, while i understand where they are coming from, i dont necessarily agree bc i get free soy now, which is about what i saved when using the old card...so im still ok with the change haha just in case you wanted to know :)

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