Wednesday, September 23, 2009


its weird, but i think i must seem like i know where im going or know how to get somewhere that people want to go...because time and time again people are asking me for directions and clearly, most of those times...i have no idea what to tell them! my sister and i were once taking a walk by my house and someone pulled over to the side of the rode to ask for directions. being from the area, i stepped up to the plate and gave my best attempt at directions. once they pulled away my sister was like, whoa, im impressed! and i was like...yeahh...nooo idea where that is! haha, whoops! shes like, what?? why didnt you just say so?? i was like, i dont know..i like to try to help people!! i have also had ppl roll down their windows and ask me for directions while we are stopped at a stoplight and i often give them some shoddy help there too...i know, i know..i should just say i dont know...but the thing is, when i try that, they still look at me all lost and scared (wait, are they deer or people??) and so then im like, ok fine...guess i could give it a try! haha! well today two ppl asked me for directions where i work...but this time, their senses led them to the right person. if you want to know road directions-no. if you want to know how to get to a specific room or department-no again. buuut if you want to get to coffee---im your gal! TWO people asked me today where they could get time i was holding a coffee, so that was a clear indicator that i know things (fine, that i know one thing), but the other time, they just must have felt my coffee vibe! i had someone on campus ask me where the coffee place was the other day too...i swear to god, no matter where i city, new country, new job, new school...whatever...i will always be able to tell ppl where to get the nearest latte. and that my friends, is one amazing talent. hahah..fine, i have a problem!

off to class/off to get a latte! have a gooood one!!


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