Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the best part of wakin upppp....

....is folgers in your cuuuuuuup! yes yes we have all heard the song a gazillion times, but THIS morning...i actually sang it! haha for some reason when our coffee ran out this weekend, the next person to buy thought it was a good idea to get folgers. i said, eulp no thanks and went and bought something else. total coffee snob, right?? but this morning i decided to give it a try and as i poured it and the steam rose into the air and i breathed in the intoxicating aroma of the delicious coffee goodness...i couldnt help myself...and just i had to sing it! i felt like i was in a commercial...the beeeeest part of wakin uppppppp is folgers in your cuuuuuuup! i think i may have judged folgers too harshly, 1. i am pleasantly surprised by the flavor/taste of the coff and 2. it gets extra points because my normal coffee brands do not inspire me into any morning song and dance. so i am gonna have to give some props to folgers!

have a good daaaaaaay! xoxo


  1. rubber gloves, folgers, are some housewife from the 50's?

  2. again! gross! I do love the commercial with the Irish dancers though!