Monday, November 16, 2009

*folgers update*

recently a friend commented on my folgers post and asked whether or not i was serious and then reasoned that i must be because folgers tastes like poop. welllllll at first i was quick to defend and said, really its not so bad, blah blah. but i had it again yesterday...and i must admit, i stand corrected. i must have been seriously delusional when i wrote that post because when i drank it yesterday it tasted like chemicals. i was like, ah geez, i mixed chemicals into my coffee instead of milk again.....but i hadnt, it was just the smooth soothing chemical aftertaste of folgers. eulp. clearly i dumped the pot and then the rest of the grounds into the garbage...guess ill just stick to the good stuff...

many of you know that i dont like to be wrong (and im not wrong often ;) ) when i had it yesterday, with my stubborn nature and the endorsing post in my mind, i really did give it a good old college try. i was like, no no, its in my tastes fine. my throat is burning from the chemical taste...toootally fine..drink it down, its good! i finally gave up after half a cup (of gagging) decided to cut my losses and just admit i was wrong. so there you go, are you happy?? dont drink folgers people..its not good.

happy monday!


  1. told ya sooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thank you. i seriously considered never talking to you again after the folgers post. i have the folgers vs. real coffee argument daily with one of my co-workers.

  3. hahaha! fine fine are both right. haha!

  4. Seriously, I have that argument with everyone... people just don't get it! Folgers is the nastiest smelling/tasting coffee ever created. When it's brewed, its even worse!!!!!! It smells rancid and tastes awful. Eulp.