Friday, November 6, 2009


current song obsessions:

**fireflies-owl city (who is NOT the person from postal service or death cab for cutie, even though he sounds identical...totally amazing and sweet though regardless of the fact that he sounds exactly like someone hes not)

**party in the USA-miley cyrus (who i hate that i like but cant help but like her dang songs! so fricken catchy! awkward...)

**forever-drake feat. lil wayne, kanye, and eminem (ive always been obsessed with hes clearly my favorite part, but im liking lil wayne lately too, even though he has an old man face on a teen weird..)

have you ever seen such a random mix of fav songs?! total opposites!! hah but im totes obsessed with all if you are either a slow sweet music fan, teen pop fan, or rap fan..i have the perfect amazing song just for you! haha! if anyone has any song recommendations or current obsessions...let me know!!

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