Friday, November 13, 2009

moldy cheese

i just poured a glass of wine (friday night happy hour..duh) and got out some cheese as a little throw-back to my second favorite country, SPAIN (obvi).....but when i got the cheese out...there was a little...eulp..mold on it. after considering my options, i decided that i would just cut it off and eat it anyway!! that weird?? was it a fat girl moment??! just a moment of weakness? no idea...but i thought that had i heard somewhere that you are supposed to do that when cheese gets moldy, but i def felt a little awkward (slash nauseous) doing it. oh...and i fed the moldy parts to my that bad?? oh crap...this dog better not die on me! oh well, clearly i ate the cheese and it tasted pretty normal, but i still immediately called my mom in a panic to make sure that i wouldnt die! she assured me that its fine to cut off the mold..thats what you are supposed to do?? so weird.......i think im gonna throw the rest away now.....haha!


1 comment:

  1. i miss you! and i am proud of you for eating the moldy cheese. i dont think i could have done are a bigger (more daring? grosser? just kidding!!) person than me!