Wednesday, March 10, 2010

how low can you go?

have you all heard the new ludacris song how low can you go? ive gotta say, ive never been a big ludacris fan...but i do like this song. i just have one question--why must we go so low? why must we go lower than we know and lower than our mom has ever seen befo? hahah i just dont get it! i even called my mom to ask her opinion....i dont think she was amused. then i called my friend and asked her all about going low and why she thinks we have to go so low. i finally asked her to ask her boyfriend for me and let me know what he says. she was actually less amused than my mom. so, i decided to take it to the blog. what is the appeal of going so low?? i mean..its uncomfortable for all parties...girls trying to get so low and keep their jeans up or their skirts down and i mean, once youre down do you get back up?? its not hot to like fall over or to grunt as you try to get up from going so low...right?! even ludacris says "baby pull your pants up", so see..he even knows! and really its not great for the guy either because they normally cant go as low as the they are awkwardly dancing with the air as the girl is on the floor going lower than she knows. its too low. thats all there is to it.

any thoughts??


ps love this song though...if you dont know it, def check it out! and the video..totally ridic! haha crazy ludacris.


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