Tuesday, March 9, 2010

love hate relationship

nature is a funny thing. i am def NOT a nature girl--anyone who knows me, knows that. but i must say, sometimes i do get a kick out it! i was just sitting on my bed getting ready to leave the house and i noticed two squirrels chasing each other in the yard. haha i know this happens all the time, but i dont really nature watch too often. anyway, for some reason, i watched them for a little and it really made me smile. it was so cute! i have also been known to like ants. yes, its weird, but ever since this psychology of natural science class i took in college, i have weirdly liked ants and bees. they are both really smart and really funny to watch....yep..im a freak.....haha! seriously though--ants are REALLY hard workers and super smart! they are team players too...so cute! haha im not kidding, stop and watch a group of them sometime!! and bees, well, i know a lot of ppl are scared of them...but they are also really hard working and super smart too! really interesting to watch them work!

such a freak. what can i say..i dont really want to go camping or go walking in the woods...or long-ish grass for that matter...but show me some ants hard at work and im a happy camper! hha!

have a good day and enjoy some nature for me!



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