Friday, March 5, 2010

NYC--part 1

i went to nyc this past weekend for my birthday and to visit my sister and one of my best friends! we had SUUCH a fun time! the more i go to new york, the more i like it......maybe ill end up there one day?? who knows!? nyc is a pretty funny place though but i guess, like most places, you take the good with the bad. for example--the good: all the food! anything you want, you can get and at any time of day or night. i love that. its also very walkable and there is a ton of stuff to do and see-never boring! overall, really fun city. buuuut it does have its downsides as well. for example--taking the bus into chinatown--rookie mistake. now, i have gone to nyc by bus many times over the past few years, but normally my sister books my ticket for me--what?? im helpless! well this particular trip she was really busy and couldnt do it, so i decided to tackle the seemingly easy task on my own. i decided after looking at all the normal, sensible bus options to book the sketchball chinatown bus. not only does it drop you in the middle of nyc chinatown, where i am eternally lost and scared but the bus was dirtier than any other bus i have taken, there were more people fighting, more people drinking, and it stopped in philly for a little 30-45 min rest....what the?? oh, also...the seat next to mine didnt have a head rest, which i guess i can actually consider a good thing bc then no one wanted to sit by me...wait, that was the reason, right?? anywayyy...sorry about that little tangent. thats not really the city's fault, thats just the bus. the rats, on the other hand--thats all city. and the man i saw pooping onto the sidewalk near penn station--that too, i will give to the city. i wish i were kidding, but sadly i am not. but to be fair.....ive also seen a man pooping into a plant in dc, so ya know, it could just be a thing ppl do that i was just unaware of! ew. anyway, besides the rats and the weird smells, oh and dont forget about the pooping on the sidewalk, i really like the city and had a really fun trip!! more on that later....


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