Friday, March 12, 2010

SPAIN here i comeeeee!

today i am off for SPAIN for a little vacay!! clearly if you read this blog or if you know me, you know that i am completely obsessed with spain and lived there two years ago (omg sad) for a year teaching english! so needless to say.....IM SO EXCITED!! HOWEVER, there is a little bit of betting going on regarding my trip that i want to share with you all. the big issue: JAMON! jamon is spanish ham and it comes on a big pigs leg that is either hanging in bars, on ppls kitchen counters, or in my suitcase..wait..anyway i was a littttttttle obsessed with it when i lived there and may or may not have craved it A LOT when i get back. if you dont know what jamon is or have forgotten how delicious and appetizing it HERE for a little refresher. :) yum...right?? haha i know, it looks sick...but trust me, so good. ANYWAY...i have been a vegetarian (still eat fish for those of you who are picky about titles) for about a year now so clearly there has been no jamon or any other meat for me for a while now. but i also havent been back to spain since the end of my meat eating days.......sooooooo some of my friends and my whole entire family think i will crack as soon as i smell the sweet aroma of the delectable ham or see the large inviting pigs leg or just due to the fact that its in almost everything there and i wont be able to resist and i will give up on my vegetarian ways and take a leg to the face. eulp. BUT they are obvi wrong...that is def not gonna so over it....arent i....AHH! this will be a true test of wills ppl. WISH ME LUCK! i will let you know how i fare :)

see ya after spain!!