Tuesday, June 2, 2009

fat girl

i wanted to explain the fat girl comment in the last post. no, i dont have a problem and no, im not actually a fat girl...buuut i do tend to get myself into fat girl situations from time to time and when explaining those situations, no other name will do. i will explain where the name first started. it was christmas eve and my parents, who are both amazing cooks, decided to make a lobster cocktail appetizer..yum, right?? a lobster cocktail is mashed potatoes (homemade obvi) topped with lobster and then drizzled with lobster butter...all served in a martini glass. really cute. anyway, we were having a lot of ppl over and dont have that many martini glasses as none of us really drink martinis. soo my mom opted for the plastic glasses instead. we bought the glasses (no, it didnt look trashy, it looked cute..i swear) but we didnt want to have any mishaps with the bottoms falling off (you know, you have to like click the bottom into the top)...anyway, so our brilliant idea was to put a little dot of super glue to hold them in place. perf, right?? wrong. we passed out the cocktails and everyone was def impressed...it looked amazing. i took my cocktail and started eating it...until suddenly i felt something on my finger. i looked down and was like, oh no, a tiny little bit of mashed potato has fallen onto my finger. being the fat girl that i am, i thought..no no, this wont do..not a bit of this deliciousness can be wasted...so without hesitation (or shame) i quickly licked off the bit of fallen potato. THAT was when i noticed (in horror) it was noooooot mashed potato. no no, it was SUPER GLUE. somehow a little glue had seeped out onto my finger and because i couldnt waste a morsel of those darn potatoes, i now had SUPER GLUE on my tongue! tooootally a fat girl moment. lesson learned--if you lick bits of food off your hands (esp at a fancy christmas party) you are a fat girl and will probably be punished by getting super glue on your tongue and put to shame by laughing friends and family. thus, fat girl moments were born! have a great day :)

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