Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ellen moment

as you all know...i LOVE ellen and think she is seriously the best comic that ever i going overboard?? i dont thiiiiink so! ANYWAY, i was walking to the metro today and the guy next to me had a TOTAL ellen moment!! everyone is always in a rush in the mornings, clearly, because we are on our way to work. anyway, so we were rushing to the metro and i dont really like to walk right next to ppl though, so i was trying to step it up and pass the guy next to me. as i was doing this, he too sped up and then ever so slightly caught his toe on something and tripped...but then he started i thought to myself...did he trip?? or is he running?? then after a couple of seconds he stopped running and resumed his fast walking and i thought...he tripped. haha TOTAL ELLEN MOMENT! i wanted to point and yell YOU TRIPPED (like ellen does)...but i couldnt! haha i have never actually seen someone do that! so funny! stopped to tie my shoe back there and after that little back on schedule! hahah LOVE ELLEN!! happy wednesday people!

**if you are confused by this post and dont know what ellen moment i am talking going to need you to find here and now--ellen's most amazing stand-up--and watch it now! k, thanks! xox

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