Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the sneeze attack

sneezes are just not a comfortable thing, lets all just get that straight right now. theres no good time to sneeze really. in the middle of a meeting?? nope. while driving?? nooope...can you say accident?? in the middle of eating?? DEF NOT, ew. sneezes are just plain awkward. but if they have to happen...then sneezing just once should do the trick. i was always so irritated by my dad and his crazy sneeze fits. he would sneeze like 20 times in a row and instead of feeling sympathetic, i would feel irritated! hah! sad, i know, but true. luckily, i have never had one of these sneeze attacks. actually, i dont sneeze all that much on a normal basis. but last night...was a different story. i went to bed around 12 and woke up suddenly at 2am with the biggest urge to sneeze. i was like, what the?? so i laid down and tried to ignore it and go back to sleep. but i think the sneezes were offended that i tried to quiet them and ignore their calls..because let me tell you...they came at me with a vengeance!! it was ridiculous! i think i was up for almost an hour...sneezing. thats it. just sitting in bed sneezing...oh that AND hating my life. i got up, washed my face, laid back down...they started again. got up again, paced, turned on the light, blew my nose, laid back down...they started again. no matter what i did, i just kept sneezing! it was AWFUL! i seriously didnt know what to do! i really wondered at one point if they would ever stop! i also kept wondering if enough time passed that i could just get up for the day because laying down was not working...weirdly, starbucks was also on my mind in my time of sneezes. haha only me! once i reasoned that they would stop eventually (also propped myself up with like 4 pillows to avoid the sleeping position, which seemed to be making the situation worse) and that it was in fact too early for starbucks, i guess i fell asleep...bc the next thing i remember is waking up and it being morning and me weirdly in a sitting up position on top of all these pillows with like kleenex all around me. haha ew, i know. sick dude. fricken sneezing attacks. that better have been my one and only!

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