Tuesday, August 4, 2009

weird lunch

i had lunch today with my friend and we ate outside at some little tables in front of our building. the tables seat four people, but we are obvi only two and she warned me that because we got a good table in the shade, random ppl will inevitably invade. so we are chit chatting and eating away when all of a sudden this random lady comes and sits down and goes "excuse me, you dont mind, do you?" of course we said, no no, no problem...although there were other tables around...she, for some reason, wanted to sit with us. whatevs. so then we went back to chatting and she suddenly starts mumbling (while looking in the opposite direction from either of us...like literally not even in our general direction) about some silverware that she forgot and then some other stuff that we couldnt understand and then finally she slowly moved her weird faraway gaze in our direction, clearly looking for a response. so my friend and i just looked at her sort of confused and she YELLS (all upset bc we didnt understand her): "I ASKED IF YOU WANTED ANY OF MY STEAK!" (she was eating a cheesesteak). we were like...ohhhhh..umm..no thanks? (ew) and shes like, "IM OFFERIN YOU STEAK! dont want to be rude eatin in front of you!" hahah SO WEIRD!! its like, she was sooo annoyed and upset because we didnt understand her mumbling about offering us some of her food while not even looking at us and then thought it was weird that we didnt want any of a strangers cheesesteak off their plate! haha! after we said no again, she slowly looked away from us again and continued eating. hahah can you even imagine if i would have said yes?? what would she have done?? given me a bite? let me pick some steak off the top of her cheesesteak?? haha SO random! after a few mins, a friend of hers came and joined and we were worried he'd start offering bites of his food too...so we left...

weeeird lunchin!

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