Tuesday, August 25, 2009


umm...am i going to die?? yes, i know eventually i will..im not five. but what i mean is..i just drank out of a water bottle that i havent drank out of for maybe two weeks. so today i was like, ew, old water...then promptly poured out the old water that had been sitting for two weeks and refilled out of the water fountain (side note: one time when i was filling it up from the water fountain, the janitor walked by and goes, "ew, thats city water." i was like, "omg am i going to die??" he goes, "not gonna die, but thats just nasty!" ...so now i always try to fill it up from the cafeteria, but sometimes im thirsty and there just isnt time, ok!?) anywayy, so im filling up my water bottle...totally parched from my lunch...and start drinking immediately. i finished about half the bottle and put it aside. later i reached for a drink and the water looked a littttle on the cloudy side. i was like, what the?? so i took a closer look at there were TONS of WHITE things floating in it!! i was like WHAT THE?? so i take an even closer look (yep, hopped inside the bottle) and saw that there was some sort of FILM (eulp) on the bottom of the bottle that was now coming off and floating in my water...the water that i had just chugged moments before...omg ew! now im thinking, what the HECK is that white film that was undoubtedly caused by the "city water" that i let sit for two weeks and more importantly am i going to die?!? omg siiick! thoughts?? ahh wish me luck people!!

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