Tuesday, August 4, 2009

back to school

most of you probably know that im going back to school next month! its sooo weird. i went to a pretty small school for undergrad and now im going to a really BIG school for this post-baccalaureate program and its scaaaaaary! i made my sister go to the campus with me yesterday bc i was too scared to do it alone! then when we couldnt find the bookstore, i made her ask! haha yep, im ridic! anyway, we finally found it and im like, omg..i forgot how to be a student!! how do you look for and buy books?? i dont have a list..which ones are mine?!? so i asked like 5 ppl for help and finally they just got my books for me! haha typical. well theeeen i looked at the side of the book and it didnt look perfect..it was like cracked a little and you know i like things perfect before purchase! anyway, i told my sister about the issue and showed her the crack. she rolled her eyes, ignored me, and kept looking at magazines. then i made her look again until finally she took the book back to the ppl and made them give me a different one! haha typical...again. anyway, we left the book area and i realized i needed school supplies! so weird!! so we headed to target for some back-to-school shopping!! remember how fun this used to be?? well...not anymore...again, i was like...wait...what do i do?? do i need number two pencils?? do i need a trapper keeper?? a rolling backpack?? a box of kleenex for my classroom?? haha yes, im nuts...my sister slapped me and made me focus and we decided i really only needed notebooks and poss folders...but the thing is, every single thing had like miley cyrus or zac efron on it! i was like...oookk, as much as i like mileys song the climb and as cute as zac is in high school musical...this simply wont do. my sister and i finally found some plain looking notebooks that wont get me laughed out of town during my big return to school and we got the heck out of there! anyway, this going back to school thing is going to be harder than i thought! what if i cant find my classes?? what if i have no friends and sit alone in the cafeteria?? haha kidding, theres no caf..but whatever...im still nervous! AHH!! wish me luck!!

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