Wednesday, February 4, 2009

can i get some jamón!?!

for those of you who dont know (which is a bit surprising, i must say!) i am totally obsessed with SPAIN! i lived there last year and i love everything (ok, that might be a stretch...but almost everything!) about it! its the most amazing country and i cannot wait to go back!! what might come as a shock to a lot of you is that i even loved the food! and right now, i have the weirdest craving for some jamón!! in case you dont know what this is..which is a total shame...i'll tell you! its a typical spanish food---cured ham, its sort of like italy's prosciutto, but sometimes kind of like beef jerky--- anyway, its SO delish...i know, i know...even I am surprised i LOVE it!

lets go back to my first time in spain (like two or three years ago)...when i didnt know what jamón was either! i walked into my new house in spain for the first time and the woman who i lived with...who we called our "señoras"...brought me to the kitchen, offered me a beer, and then walked over to the counter and peeled back this thin towel and to my ABSOLUTE HORROR...under the towel was a nice...big...PIG LEG! it was even on its own special pig leg holder! it was SO sick! and at that time, i barely ate meat, so i was totally and completely horrified by the sight of it and even more horrified to see her reaching for the knife to slice me off a slab...eulp...not ok! i went through that whole four-ish months declaring my hate for jamón and never eating it again!

buuuuuuut then i went back last year and at first, pretty much the same thing happened...walked into my new house with my new señora... she too peeled back the towel to reveal the now infamous leg...then promptly told me about the high quality of this particular leg and, of course, that i HAD to try some. being the polite gal that i am i smiled my huge smile and took the fatty slab of meat that had been sawed off the leg that had been sitting out on the counter for god knows how long...and immediately...fed it to the dog (securing the dogs love for me for the rest of my days!)! then i dont know what happened? i cant really explain it and i certainly didnt plan for it! but i slowly...and secretly...denying it all the way...i started eating more jamón! at first it was just because i was too scared to say i didnt like it because its like the most popular spanish food and is literally in everything from sandwiches to salads to pizza to toothpaste flavors (haha just kidding, but i did convince someone of that once!)...but something changed...i started loving it!

anyway, yes, i know its the weirdest and sickest thing ever..but i cant help it, ok?! i love the jamón people! and i wish i had some right now!! i gotta get back to spain...asap...


  1. Nice picture! I also tried to love jamon while I was in Spain, but I apparently wasn't there long enough to acquire the taste for it. I always found it slick and fatty in my mouth and tried to swallow it whole to avoid that sensory issue.

  2. ew..slick and fatty is definitely NOT a way to entice someone to try this wonderful food...hahah! its amazing, i swear!!

  3. hahahahahahahah i have a pic of the jamon that rivals that one i think LOL

  4. you know, i have seen bacon flavored salad dressing in expensive restaurants...

  5. mmmmmmm Jamon Jamon toothpaste was always my favorite