Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Almond Butter Cookies :)

hope everyone had a great 4th! i ended up making the salsa and it was a HUGE hit at the bbq!! you should def give it a try! i also whipped up some easy and delish cookies to bring to another dinner party. these almond butter cookies are sort of like the peanut butter cookies with the hersheys kiss in the middle (ew, hershey chocolate..not a fan)...but they are soooo much better! there are only five ingredients and they also happen to be gluten free (which means they dont have flour in them)--a little added bonus! here we gooo:

Almond Butter Cookies
makes about 24-30 cookies (depending on size)

1 c. barney butter almond butter (other brands are fine, but this is the best)
1 tsp. baking soda
1 egg
1 c. sugar
1 1/2 dark chocolate chocolove bars (or any other chocolate, but this is, again, THE best)

1. preheat oven to 350
2. combine almond butter and sugar and mix well (dont use a blender, use a wooden spatula--my mom taught me well; cookies are always better this way!)
3. add egg and mix
4. add baking soda and mix
5. take a spoon and scoop out a little dough and roll into a ball (about the size of a golf ball, maybe a little smaller). then dip one side of the ball in granulated sugar and place on cookie sheet (sugar side up). continue this until you have a full pan. (recipe will make 2-3 pans)
6. bake 8-10 minutes (watch them bc depending on oven they may cook faster--mine started to get brown on the bottom so i took them out earlier. they will be a little doughy when you take them out and will not be fully cooked as they will continue to cook a bit even out of the oven...i learned the hard way and have burned many cookies...so watch them!)
7. while the cookies are baking, get your chocolove bars ready! break apart the little squares (if you are using other chocolate, break into pieces or buy kisses (ew) or brachs chocolate stars work 2nd best to chocolove)
8. when your cookies are done immediately top each cookie with a chocolate piece. press down a little bit (not hard enough to smash the cookie!). then set them aside so they can cool. dont store them until the chocolate hardens up again.

thats it! super easy and really good! everyone at the dinner party loooved them!! ENJOY :) Here's one more picture so you can see the cute little chocolate square!! Look at that cute heart!
PS first time posting my own pics....pretty fancy, eh?!?


  1. mmm these look really good...and so cute that they're your own pics! my boss has celiac's and is really struggling with finding yummy things to eat...i should pass this recipe along to her!

  2. These cookies are really good with peanut butter, too. Since I was diagnosed I find that the rule of thumb on baking is whenever a recipe calls for a cup of flour or less, it works great with a gluten free flour baking mix (like Bob's Red Mill brand). That is the only substitution I make. Another tip: Rice Chex are now gluten free and you can make a sweet snack mix with it or a savory one using gluten free pretzels and peanuts!

  3. aww! love the sharing and caring!!! wish you both could have had these...they were AH-MAZING! xoxo

  4. thanks joann, i will pass along the tips!