Friday, July 10, 2009


as i may have mentioned before, i am in a book club! this month our book is the glass castle by jeannette walls. i picked up the book from the library and have been carrying it around for a few weeks and i have not even had time to crack it open!! well book club is coming up so i decided i better get going! so the other day i opened it for the first time on the metro and started to read....halfway through page one i realized......IVE READ THIS BOOK BEFORE!! hahah how awkward!! i am pretty much known for this type of thing. i am famous for sitting down to a movie and halfway through realizing ive already seen it (yep, that bad) and now apparently i do the same thing with books! not only did i not remember reading it because maybe its a book from way in my past or know, an acceptable amount of time to forget something, like maybe in high school or something....NOOOPE. i read it just LAST YEAR! right when i realized this i called my friend (who is also in the book club) and told her of my revelation and she goes, "oh crazy, but how did you like it??" i was like..."omg its AMAZING!! so great!! i talked it up nonstop after i read it!" shes like.."really? because you didnt even remember reading it. title didnt spark anything. the author either. sounds like you really loved it!" haha omg i swear..its SUCH a good book, i just have memory issues, i guess...maybe i should get that checked out! ha! seriously though, its so good that i thought since id already read it, i could just skip this month...but since i already had it with me, i started reading it again...and now i CANT STOP!! im already half-way through in two days of metro rides! anyway, my review is: read this book! and even if youve already read it and forgotten it completely like me, read it again!! its worth it :)