Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a surprise in my bloob

omg so i was eating some blueberries yesterday on my way home from work and guess what little treat was hiding inside one?? are you ready.....are you was a.....SPIDER! AHHHHHHH!! SICK! thank GOD i was paying attention while eating them!! i looked down at the bloob and noticed that there was some white on the top of it. i was like, ew, mold. but then i thought, i just bought these, why is there mold?!? so i decided to touch it..bc i wasnt convinced it was mold and because sometimes i make bad choices (note to self-never touch an unknown substance). anyway, so when i lightly touched the bit of white on the top of my blueberry, I SAW A COUPLE LITTLE LEGS MOVE AROUND INSIDE. i no, this must be my imagination. i just thought that maybe me touching the white, made the part underneath the white move so it just looked like something was, i again made bad choices and...I TOUCHED IT AGAIN! this time, i was SURE i saw legs move and got really scared and grossed out. i rolled down my window as fast as i could and popped that little sucker out, all the while shuddering and trying not to crash my car! the guy next to me (going the opposite really close to me actually) saw me during this whole process and burst out laughing...omg! so rude..if he only knew the truth of what was inside my blueberries..he would not he laughing! wonder if the bloob hit his car on its fast exit from mine??

ew, it was sick. you better believe i will always eat blueberries with caution from now on...and i suggest you do the same!!



  1. I will say however that it is a good thing when bugs are on our fruit. It means they are not covered in pesticides. Chemicals kill us but bugs are just a bit of organic protein really. I read somewhere that if you eat potatoes or peanut butter you eat a lot of bugs unknowingly. Happy Thursday!

  2. hahahahaahaha stealing that. cant wait to see you tonight!

  3. so glad to see (by this and your most recent post) that you're being extra careful with my car...

  4. HAHAHAH whooooops...forgot you read this....