Thursday, July 30, 2009

ew dude

ew, for the record, in case anyone is CANNOT brush your hair while sitting on a bus full of people. thats just not ok. especially if there is a person sitting DIRECTLY next to you. ew dude. the bus i catch to work arrived late this morning so there were tons of ppl waiting and it was a packed situation. we all piled on, sitting two by two and the next thing i know a girl a few seats in front of me starts brushing her looong hair practically in the face of the girl sitting next to her. ew!! the girl kind of turned her head to the side and looked a little awkward. the nasty brush girl was not even a nice discreet hair brusher...she was like a child! going to town, flicking her hair every which way. sooo not ok. i seriously would have vommed.

so this is just a general announcement...wildly brushing your hair in tight quarters with strangers=never an option!

have a great day :)


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