Wednesday, July 1, 2009


"hello, you've reached the voice messaging system for ELLEN!" haha if you do not know what thats need to watch ELLEN's, HERE AND NOW stand up! she is sooo amazing!! anyway, i had a little ellen moment myself today. i was walking down the hall...feeling pretty confident. like my outfit today, hair looks pretty good, LOVE my shoes. then as im walking, strong and confident, feeling fine with my head held high, the edge of my shoe slips and does some weird slide and i lose my balance, nearly falling and rolling my ankle all in like a ten second span (which was like slow motion for me as i saw myself begin to fall). as ellen says "it only takes that one tiny trip to suck the cool right out of you"...and she is right! the situation was made worse because i was walking i couldnt laugh with someone or make fun of myself to save face...i just had to regain composure and keep walking like nothing happened. also, there were ppl walking behind i knew they saw me, they knew that i knew that they saw me, and things just got awkward. when i got to the elevator and the ppl behind me walked up, we all just didnt look at each other and pretended it didnt happen. what an awkward way to start the day......