Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i got THE worst sunburn ever this weekend!! AWKWARD! i should definitely know better after my years of experience with sunburns! buuuuut i was an idiot, yet again, and got a little burn (slash a really big painful burn that ppl keep gasping at when they see...)! anyway, when i got into work today my boss looked at me and goes "oh noooooooo did you get some sun this weekend??" i was like, "yeah, i got a little sunburn" and she goes "well, you will pay for it later....with age spots." then she just shrugged and walked away. AHH WHAT?!?! so rude!! haha she is THE nicest boss ever..but like, you dont tell someone that! then i went to my friend for some sympathy and she said "she might be right :( " hahah omg! thats not what you tell someone either!! hah saaad! so now im sitting here, burnt to a crisp, AND worried about my future age spots.......happy tuesday?


*UPDATE* i poured white vinegar all over my body while in the shower yesterday....weird?? i think so. buuuut someone (who shall remain nameless) told me it works to take out the heat of a burn...i guess it sorta worked?? dont know, but i DO know that i may or may not smell like vinegar today...not sure, i will have to see if ppl start avoiding me!? also put a paste of water and baking soda on a particularly bad spot..it was weird, but i kinda liked it....


  1. awwww man you poor thing. that happens to me all the time. maybe i should send you some stuff from work?! that will help with future age spots. just in case.

  2. omg YES send away sister!! haha ew age spots...

  3. The best thing is aloe, but from the plant - fresh not the gel stuff you buy in a bottle.